ejaculation problems
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p - June 30

i have been ttc for 4 yrs. my partner cannot ejaculate during sex. he has to do this manually which means i have to do go on top. This month we have been putting it in a pot and using syringe to inject it into myself with my butt on pillow. Does anyone know if this will work? Good luck to you all


kc - June 30

I would becareful doing this. If you get an air bubble inside you this could cause health problems. I would have your dh see a doctor. Maybe there is a medication he can be put on to help with your situation.


Beth - July 1

Hey, it worked for someone I know. They used a turkey baster. No kidding!


Lena - July 2

It can work but sterility is key. He should collect his ejaculate in something in a sterile bag such as a baby bottle liner, and the semen should be inseminated immediately with a new, sterile syringe. Do not use the same syringe more than one time. Be sure to remove all air from the syringe by pointing it upwards and slowly depressing the plunger. Use a non spermicidal lubricant. KY is spermicidal so don't use that brand. Good luck.



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