egg whites
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Melissa - June 19

Has anyone used eggwhites for low quality cervicalmucus?? I am a mother of an 8 yr old...not planned..but I am trying to have #2 and cannot seem to get a BFP after 8 months, but I did have chlaymadia, not sure for how long, but I do not have ewcm at all. so I was wondering if any of you have got pregnant off of this method?? Thank you bbd


Mel - June 20

I have used the egg whites before but I havent received a bfp from them. I have heard it is better then KY jelly which prevents sperm. There is also pre seed which they sell on the internet which is good. Also Robitussin is good to thin secretions take 2 tsps twice a day 5 days prior to O day. Good luck.


... - June 29

bump it up


sm - June 30

I have heard that women have had success with egg white, but i suppose it would be good to get your own ewcm happening, perhaps a good idea would be to have your hormone levels checked (progesterone) and try using opk's to see what time of the month you are ovulating. You could be looking for ewcm a few days off from when you are actually ovulating.



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