Egg White Mucus!!...
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Pinky - February 23

I am observing Egg white mucus from last 3 days and tested OPK. All turns out negative. I m on day 13 today. My cycle range is 31-37 days in past six months. My cervix is open from 3 days and today it's really soft but not that high as i have observed last month at ovulation. Anybody can have idea when i will ovulate? Thanks.


Mega - February 24

I'd say just keep testing with OPKs, you've got to be getting near O, if you didn't already. If you are getting EWCM, I'd say that's probably your most reliable O sign. Good luck, Pinky! Who knew all this CM/OPK/cervix stuff would be so complicated! HTH! :)


Pinky - February 24

Thanks mega. I got positive OPK today but also wondering that today my temp was high (98.10 usually during AF). Does that mean I ovulated yesterday.



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