Egg White for Preg.
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Av - November 16

As there has been a few suggestions about using real egg white lately, I was wondering who has used this (and how they did it)
What are the risks, and how do I find out more info. I am ready to try it. Please help.


me - November 16



sara - November 16

I have heard about that too.


me - November 16

I was told by my RE that you could either use Preseed or real raw egg whites if you need extra lube/cm. For the egg whites, you separate them from the yolk and let them get to room temp. You then take a syringe or small turkey baster and inject the egg whites into your vaginal opening, getting as far up as you can without damaging anything. I asked about salmonella, becuse I thought is sounded crazy, but he said that is was ok because it does not get absorbed by the vaginal lining. I am still skeptical, so I did not go that route, but the advice did come directly from my RE, so I know it isn't bull. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


ana - November 17

you can try it but i was warned that if you have been prone to itching or yeast infections to avoid it. go the preseed route.


dot - November 17

I did it 2yrs ago and succeeded with my 2nd child. Hoping to try it again pretty soon.


av - November 18

Girls please answer me. Thanks.



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