Egg white CM????
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Sky - March 8

Someone please help me!! I have conceived 4 times and never once have i ever seen or felt EWCM....I don't understand how come i was able to conceive without it from what i've read...Is it a MUST to have it?


June - March 8

I don't think so? not sure


Sky - March 8



Cendy - March 8

Sky, you can have EWCM close to the cervix which you never see. This may be the reason you conceived the 4 times before. Some women have more than others and they are able to see it when they wipe or check their cm. I hope this helps. BABY DUST.


Sky - March 8

Thanks so much....I was really puzzled about it. All I kept hearing was the EWCM and I was shocked because I honestly never once saw it. I do feel wet around the vulva but thats about it.I guess all women are different. :O)


Pinky - March 8

Some times It stays for few hours and turns into watery mucus. That's also could be the resion. check out this link if you like to know more abut it. I really like it.


Sky - March 8

Pinky, I did check out that site and its great! What I do see more of and feel is watery mucus. So i'm assuming thats a type of fertile muscus as well :)



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