egg size
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seemagoyal44 - February 11

i have done the 2 ultrasounds for 2 months for the ovulation study ...i found in the first month i.e in janurary my follicle maximum size is12- 17mm and theen reptures doctor advise to take the medicine letoval 2.5 mg ...but in this month my maximum follicle size is 14.5mm then reduces....i am very tensed ...can u advise me doctor has changed the medicine to fertyl to start on 3rd of periods as well as tablet susten to take form 16th day of cycle....can u please suggest me the medicines i`m taking are okk.....and is this size of follice is not the big problem.....


abi_77 - February 12

Usually follicle size represents the egg quality. Small follicles could possibly have immature egg. However, the size of the follicle depends on the meds you are taking. On clomid I think it has to be at least 18 mm. I ovulated with a 11mm follicle, got pregnant and miscarried.


sridevikalyan - April 19

Hello Madam
I Sridevi 32 years old my period due date is 04-April-08,i have taken tablets Letoval 2.5 mg from 2nd day of my periods for 5 days daily one tablet only, period date is 04-March-08. i have done my home pregnancy test on 14-April-08 it has given negative result, again when should i repeat the test to confirm my pregnancy, but i have some symptoms that is early morning sickness , and getting irritation, some time i feel vomiting sensation . please advise me what to do next ,
i am eagerly waiting for your reply.


abi_77 - April 20

You should ask your doctor to do a HcG blood test. Sometimes, you might be pregnant and not show a positive on home pregnancy test. Only blood test can confirm it. If you are not pregnant, you doctor might give you progestrone to induce period.


Mehwish - June 27

Hi i have a question and an answer to seema's question.
I'm married for the last 4 years and have Polycyctic ovaries syndrom, the maximum size of my follicle reached only 6-10mm, I've been taking 1000mg of Glucophage and folic acid with it. My doctor asked me to take Prolifin 3 times a day and this time the follicle size is 20mm so i think u should try having Glucophage it helps boosting the size of the follicle. The question is can i conceive now?? \and is there anything my husband can do to enhance the mortality rate? he is fine though.



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