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Shel - May 21

Hi there. I am new here. Looks like a great site! I am 39. I have been seeing a fertility Dr. After some testing it was determined that to have a baby I would have to use an egg donor. I am ok with that as I knew I had fertility problems years ago after getting chemo. So I am blessed to be alive and double blessed if my husband and I can have a child. Has anyone out there used an egg donor? I also have a heart shaped uterus. I have one more xray to get done to determine the extent of the heart shape.


cromwell - May 21

Welcome Shel. I am usually on the"Over 34" thread but I would love to know whatever you learn. I am 39 in September and decided I would go that route if my eggs don't pan out! I have had at least one and possibly two "chemical" pregnancies. I love your attitude. I think a lot of us on here get caught up in the fertility chase and don't recognize how blessed we are in other ways. I got married late, but he was most definitely worth the wait. I have a friend who DID use a donor (early menopause). She had twins girls and is thrilled with them--they moved away and I have not stayed in touch. I am curious about any others who have had experience with this, so I will watch this thread closely. Laurie


Tink - May 21

i have a friend on another board (it's actually a disney travel board, but we have a TTC thread there). she used an egg donor and did IVF and got her BFP first try!!! I'll see if she can come over and shed some light.


dunne - May 21

Hi Shel, I am 43 and ttc. Our doc is letting me try with meds ie clomid to start but the max will be 6 months and then the next option with be donor eggs. I have spoken to friends with children about this and all of them feel they would all try this method if there were no other choices. I guess not having children yet I was a bit upset knowing the child would not have my dna but since all of the friends I spoke to have carried their own, they feel the bond will still be there anyway.
Good luck to you on your journey, Samantha



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