Effects of PRIMROSE OIL??
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Alli - November 29

I have read about evening primose oil & how it can somehow effect conceiving. Is this true? What is the purpose of primrose oil????


Val - November 30

hi. Supposedly evening primrose oil or EPO can help improve the quality of your fertile cervical mucus. It's supposed to help pms as well. There's a good article about it here: http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/epo.html (if any dashes or underscores appear in the web address, remove them or the site won't come up!) Several women on a thread here took it last month and (coincidentally or not?) they got pregnant. I took it this month and am in my 2ww. If you do take it, only do so from your period until ovulation. One thing I did notice, my hair seemed very shiny while I was taking it! Good luck!


susan - November 30

primrose oil is suppose to help you go into labor...



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