effects of drugs on sperm?
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Gabby - February 3

Ann- So I am guessing that is good? two follicles? and a shot of hcg ? Good news, right? :) Keep me posted..


Ann - February 3

Yes, it is good news! 2 follies means it could be twins. I don't get too excited about that, though, because I've had 3 before and not gotten pg. The hcg makes you ovulate when the follicles are big enough (big enough to my RE is 16mm and I have one 18mm and one 20mm). So I have the iui tomorrow, and then the lovely 2ww. Yuck, I HATE waiting! Where are you in your cycle? I am only at cd10, so I am going to O a little early.


Gabby - February 3

Ann, that is fabulous :) Sure sounds good :) I hate waiting too, I am on cycle day 6, I have 26 day cycles, so I should be O in a few days, tend to O on days 10, 11, or 12. I am here for you if you need a waiting buddy..


Ann - February 3

That is awesome we can wait together (just a few days off)! I will talk to you soon. I am headed out to a client's office and will be out of touch for a while.


Gabby - February 3

Ann, sounds good, talk to you later :)


Gabby - February 4

Hi Ann, I hope all goes well today at the iui. I have a great feeling about it for you :) Anyway, spoke with husband last night, he has promised and swore up and down that he has not used any drugs in over a year. I am sensing that he is teling the truth, maybe I am just trying to grasp onto anything that could be the cause for no success yet, so we shall see what happens. Anyway, I hope you are doing well and relaxing. Keep me posted :)


Ann - February 4

Gabby, that is great you opened the dialogue with your dh! It sounds like everything went well. I had my iui this morning. I really hate this 2ww. I am so impatient! I am laying around for a while today. I know they say it doesn't matter if you walk around and stuff, but I want to make sure the sperm stays up there.:) Do you have any big weekend plans? I am supposed to go out for a friend's birthday tonight, but I really don't feel like it. I always feel like I have been through the ringer by the time iui happens (from the blood tests, shots, the iui itself, etc.).


Gabby - February 4

Ann, happy to hear the iui went well and it is all over. Now just relax and enjoy not having to stress over when you O :) Yes, things went well with the talk, I am stressing a little over when I am going to O, wish I knew exactly when because my husband works a lot and always scared I am going miss the right time. Anyway, no plans for me this weekend.. just relaxing. So have a great day, and lay down lots ! Does it hurt when they do the iui?


Ann - February 4

My first iui hurt quite a bit (my regular ob/gyn didn't do it), the second didn't hurt at all and the third on hurt but not super bad (2nd and 3rd done by my regular ob/gyn). This one (4th) didn't hurt either. I am always relieved at that! Since sperm can live for at least 72 hours (some say up to 5 days), you and your dh should have a good shot even with his crazy work schedule. I work long hours, so my dh and I have those issues, too. So do you stress up to O otherwise or just worrying about if your dh isn't available? I don't ever stress over that, because I know it will happen! However, I stress a lot up to the time I can take a hpt. I am getting to the point of thinking I will never get pg.


Gabby - February 4

Ann, glad to hear that the iui today didnt hurt. As for my stressing, I only stress around this time, when I am uncertain of the day of O. I get worried that I will not bd at the right times, etc. Then after O is over I am relieved, but still hate the tww. I start hpt testing every day after the first week, lol. I am even more nervous this cycle about when I am going to O because my cycle was shorter this month, with a rather unusual af for me. Anyway, keep your head full of positive thoughts!! I have a good feeling about this time for you !!


Ann - February 5

Gabby, how short was your cycle? On what day do you usually get your first surge on your opk? I am trying to think positively, but it is tough this month for some reason. I am sure it is just because I am so tired of being disappointed. For some reason my dh is very positive this month, which makes me feel better to hear him say. We are just working around the house today (have a fixer upper house that is getting fixed up quite slowly :)) and will watch the Super Bowl this evening. I wish I had one more weekend day this week!! What are you up to?


Gabby - February 5

Hi Ann, how are you doing? Glad to hear you are spending the day fixing up the house and relaxing..I am doing the same. My cycles are usually around 26 days with a positive OPK around days 10, 11, and/or 12. This month though, af came around only cd22, but was just brown spotting for about 3 days, so I did not count that as this cycle, counted this cycle from day 25 when it was normal red af. Usually I do not have that brown spotting. Anyway, glad af is over and I am now on CD8. This is also the first month I am doing the CM inspections so maybe that will be the key. It is great talking to you Ann, you are so nice, and I am really hoping that this is your month !! Have a great day and talk to you soon :)


Pammy - February 6

I've been pregnant twice by two habitual drug users. My ex boyfriend was on crank and cocaine. My new boyfriend is always on E, cocaine and marijuana. It's harmless on sperm. Don't worry about it, it's probably just your uterus. I have two healthy babies! No worries! Maybe you should try some with him, it would relax you and make your cervix open. I'm not a medical doctor, but it could work.


Ann - February 6

Gabby, thanks for the well wishes. I hope this is your month, too! That is good that you O early, since you have short cycles. I thought you might have a short luteal phase, but it sounds like you just O early (so do I). At what time of day do you use the opks? My RE suggests two brands that are supposed to be accurate, but you can only by them at certain pharmacies. One brand is Assure, but I can't remember the other. I didn't use them this month, since my follies were ready at the first u/s appt. I had some body signs of Oing yesterday, so now I wonder if my iui was poorly timed. I guess there is nothing I can do about it now, though! How was your weekend? Do you work or stay at home? I am back to the grind today, but my office is quiet (nice for a change!).


Gabby - February 6

Hi Ann :) yes it is back to work for me too..mondays are just the worse. Anyway, I usually do the OPK tests twice a day once around 3 and once around 7, i read somewhere that it is good to do it twice in case you miss it, I don't know if there is any truth to that but I am just always very nervous that I am going to miss it. The kind I use are the dollar tree ones and also these strip type ones I ordered from baby hopes.com and both have seemed to be working. Maybe I will try the one you suggested. Then I can take my obsession to a new level and test THREE times a day LOL. I thought maybe I have a short luteal phase too, I am still unsure about that. Glad to hear things are quiet for you at your office today. Also I am happy to hear you think you o'd yesterday. Just in time I think :) What are your symptoms when you O? I am having problems feeling anything when I O. Talk to you soon :)


Ann - February 6

Gabby, my clearest symptom is the ewcm. I always get that for 2 days. I had the hcg shot to trigger O on Friday, but I didn't get ewcm until Sunday. It was only there yesterday, so I hope I did O on Saturday like I should have from the shot. No telling! Dh and I BDed Saturday and Sunday night just in case. It is so weird to "have to" do it. Dh and I always joke about it like, "So are you ready to go have sex?" It kind of takes the edge off it being so planned. I can feel some twinges on my ovaries when I have more than one follicle, but I could never feel that before I started taking clomid. However, the twinges may have been there and I didn't notice them. Do you get any signs besides the very clear opk line? I didn't know until I started reading this board how widespread Dollar Tree is! I use the hpts from there. I was surprised they are so sensitive for a dollar.



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