Effects of clomid wearing off?
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babs - July 1

Hi, I started taking clomid in Jan, and the first round was successful, unfortunately I m/c'd in March. Since then I've taken three rounds of clomid, and have just had some more blood tests done. These showed that I haven't o'd this cycle. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of their body getting used to clomid after a while? Would love to hear from others who might know more than me about it all. Find it really disheartening to think that the past couple of months ttc have been wasted because my body wasn't responding as it should! Thanks.


manyika - July 1

Hi babs, I guess we're on the same boat. I started taking Clomid 50 mg last April and I had one good follicle. Unfortunately, I didn't get pregnant bec. the timing of the IUI was off. Last May, I was on the same dose and I did ovulate but did not conceive. Last month, I took the same dose, had an u/s done on cd15 but the developing follicle is smaller than the previous 2 cycles. I'm now on cd19 and still with no LH surge. How many milligrams of Clomid were you taking?


babs - July 3

I'm still just on 50mg of clomid. Still doing opks in the hope of something showing up (CD26 now!!). Interestingly enough todays was nearly +ve, both line were almost, if not the same. BUT - DH goes away tomorrow for three days, so even if I am still o'ing we probs won't catch it! I spoke to the fertility nusre today and she said that the chances are that I'm still ok with just 50mgs, it's just my body settling down into a proper rhthym. I just wish I new what was actually going on! I now won't get toadys bloods back till next week, so I'll just have to grin and bear it! DH is away anyway so it looks like even if I'm going to o there'll be nothing happening! Getting v impatient now and just want some real results! Thanks for your reply, manyika


manyika - July 4

I'm now on cd22 and I gave up on the opks bec I went to the clinic yesterday to have u/s done and the nurse told me that the follies seen on cd15 even got smaller. She told me that I must have missed the LH surge. How can that happen when I've been checking since cd12? I had a progesterone test done just to check if I did ovulate or not but I doubt it. I have an appointment on the 25th with my RE and he may increase the dose or try something else. The nurse said "they have more tricks in their hat". It's just frustrating bec. when we miss a cycle we're not talking about a day but a whole month!


babs - July 6

I know what you mean, I just got my second round of results back confirming no o this cycle......at least a whole FIVE weeks wasted! I hate all the waiting too, and I hate being so dependant on other people's decisions. I now have to wait till Friday to find out what they've decided I should do. It's like it really has nothing to do with me! It looks like I'll be going up to 100mg of clomid for this next cycle (whenever af eventually shows up......no o so when will af come??) Anyway, thanks so much for replying to this, I wish you all the best, keep me in the picture! Good luck, and BABYDUST!


manyika - July 6

I have the same question too. I don't know when af would come. Usually my breasts are sore and enlarged a week before it comes but now I don't feel anything. The nurse told me to let them know if af doesn't come until cd 35. I hope it does bec. I don't want to take Provera again. I just don't want to pump more hormones in my body. I want to wish you Good luck too. Thanks for keeping in touch. It really feels comforting to know that I'm not alone with this problem.


babs - July 9

Hi, the nurse told me just to wait for af, didn't mention any option to induce it with provera, I don't think I'd been keen on that idea anyway, like you, the less intervention the better! So much going on these next few weeks that I'm hoping it'll give my brain the chance to stop thinking about babies! Hope you're doing ok, sorry for the delay this time, I've had a very busy couple of days! Thanks again for your responses! Good luck to you, and take care,x


manyika - July 9

babs...thanks for keeping in touch. I actually feel a little bit depressed the past few days. My sister-in-law delivered her first baby today. She's my age and got married exactly a year ago today. I'm feeling quite envious bec I've been trying to give my dh a perfect gift and she was able to give hers on their first anniversary! Here I am not even knowing when af would come so I can start on my next cycle. Anyway, like you, I'm going to be busy this week. We're driving to Colorado Springs. Hopefully I would be able to relax and stop thinking about this fertility thing. Thanks again.


babs - July 11

I know what you mean about having bad days, at the moment it seems like everyone I know is either pg or just had a baby, it's hard isn't it. We're busy trying to get everything ready for my sister coming with her kids, abd she's pg too, so that'll be a very in my face reminder! Not that I'm jealous, she's having a really hard time at the mo. Hope you manage to relax on your trip, take care.x



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