Ectopic Pregnancy question grandpa viv or anyone
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AshleyPros - March 4

ok, so I am now 14-15 days late, tons of pregnancy signs, but I took 2 hpt's one was invalid, nothing at all showed up, and the second bfn...I'm wondering, has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy, and what are the symptoms you had?


I had one - March 4

I had one in Sept. 2005. I did have a BFP on my HPT. The HCG levels they monitor rise slowly. Sometimes you have pain in belly, side, shoulder and such. I did not have any pain. If you google "ectopic" it will give you signs to look for. You really need to get it check out because if you are experincing an can die if it ruptures. Mine was days from rupturing. Oh...and you may bleed...I bled bright red to brown blood once a day until my D&C.


AshleyPros - March 5

thanks for answering, I don't feel like thats what this is, just curious if it could be. just not really sure right now.


Janice UK - March 6

I had ectopic pg after I had my DS. I knew I was pg even before I missed a period. I tested day after I missed and got faint line. Because i had risk of ectopic after having tubal surgery, I got early u/s and they could only see sack not baby. This went on with blood tests etc. and eventually I got taken in for keyhold surgery (laparoscopy) to see what was going on. Well, it was ectopic and I had to get tube taken away because baby was still growing. I had no pain and I was around 7 wks. One thing I did have was brown discharge and this happened around 1 week before my op. I would get checked if you suspect anything at all. Keep in touch with your doc. Hope this help.
Baby dust to all. x



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