Ectopic Pregnancy: Getting Pregnant After
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gcn - August 1

Does anyone know how soon you can start trying after an ectopic pregnancy? The doctor treated me with Methotrexate and I have a healthy tube (thank god), but I've been bleeding for 7 days and I'm not sure how to tell when I'll ovulate again. Will ovulation start after the bleeding stops?
Anyone have any ideas?


Kristi1 - August 2

Are you bleeding from AF or is it from the mc? When did you get the Methatrexate shot? I had an ectopic in December and was given Methotrexate as well. I started bleeding after the Methotrexate, but my Dr did not consider that AF.... I had to wait one normal cycle then was able to start I got the Methatrexate in December and was able to start ttc and taking my Clomid again in February. You probably need to ask your Dr when you can start again.... If you are not on Clomid or anything you may be able to start the month you have your first regular AF, or they may want you to wait one or two normal cycles before you try again. I would call you Dr and ask. Hope this helps, and sorry about the mc.... Good luck!


Native Girl - August 3

Hi gcn! I had to wait two cycles to get the Methotrexate out of my system. It took me almost a month to start my period again. I had a ectopic pregnancy in September, went on clomid New Years Day and then got pregnant on my first try. I HIGHLY suggest an Ovacue. It tells you to the day that you are most fertile. I used this and it worked for me! I am now 33 weeks and am 37 years old and I feel blessed. I know that it will happen for you too!!!


gcn - August 3

Thanks for both responses! The bleeding I'm experiencing is from the Methotrexate.

I was fantasing that after the Methotrexate was gone (the first bleed before the normal period) that I could ovulate and try again. Sounds like I'll have to wait until the normal period.

I hate the waiting part the most!

btw...what is an "Ovacue"?


Native Girl - August 5

Hi gcn,
An Ovacue is a monitor that you can buy or rent. It is pretty pricy, I think that I paid close to $200.00 for, however you don't have to use pee sticks and there isn't any guessing to it. You can use an oral detector or a vaginal wand. It tells you when you are at your highest peak of ovulation and it is truly amazing. I reccommend it to anyone who anyone trying. I got pregnant all three times I tried, however the first ended in miscarriage, the second in an ectopic and the third was a success... FINALLY! I am so glad that they saved your tube, they almost didn't save mine but it all worked out. You can google it and put in Ovacue II and it should come up. It is a miracle worker. Please keep us posted as to how it works out. That is so bizzare that you are bleeding from the methotrexate. I didn't bleed at all, however I guess I could have and didn't know it, I was bleeding internally from the ectopic. Good luck to you!


Lynn - August 5

i also had an ectopic in september but was not as lucky. my sorry RE had no clue what he was seeing on an ultrasound and referred me to the other doctor in the practice. 2 wks later, thank god he knew as soon as he did ultrasound what was happening. i had D&C and then next day emergency surgery. i was also blleding internally but it was puddling in my uterus. i lost my right tube. anyway, i was not allowed to begin until January (due to surgery). i am happy to report on a fertility break, we are 14wks pregnant and it is going great. good luck.


gcn - August 8

Thanks so much for the information on Ovacue. I'll have to check it out. I'm sorry about the rough time getting pregnant, but I'm so happy you are! Congratulations!


gcn - August 8

Lynn, congratulations on the hard earned pregnancy! Thank God! That must have been a rough moment in your life (I'm sure that's an understatement!).
My bleeding has finally stopped and the hormonal rollercoaster is finished too. We are looking forward to trying again so we'll keep you guys posted. :)


Lynn - August 8

gcn, best wishes are with you. did they say when you can begin again? i know my situation was different loosing a tube. i wish everyone who is still trying after such a hard time the best of luck.


gcn - August 9

I just came from an ultrasound and they think things look good. The doctor told me to expect a period in the next two weeks (4 weeks after the Methotrexate). She said that if we wanted we could do a non-Clomid, non-HCG shot IUI to at least get the "boys" up there, but that we'd have to wait through another cycle before we could do Clomid and HCG again. Seems like forever.


Lynn - August 9

gcn, as hard as this may be, i might wait and find something to occupy my time. my insurance did not cover IUI's so i would have never did one to just help the boys get up there. if you have insurance that covers or can afford, give it a try. what did you do the cycle that resulted in ectopic? good luck to you.


gcn - August 9

The cycle that we had the ectopic was with Clomid and HCG.


gcn - August 9

The main reason for the IUI is my husband has markedly slow swimmers. We aren't simply doing it to waste resources.


jenn17 - September 25

I had a eptopic a month ago and the gave me a shot to kill the baby I was so hurt I got my period on 9/11 and I now believe I'm pregnant again n I'm scared it will be another eptopic I need help



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