ectopic pregnancy
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jeg - August 11

I had an Ectopic Pregnancy a year and a half ago ever since my periods have been irreagular I cant keep track. some times it comes every three months somes time evry six weeks. My husband and I are frustrated from ttc and I have no idea what to do next. Oh and when I see the ob/gyn she always tells me every thing looks normal. I need help please.


merlee - August 11

That is not normal. I suggest you see a new gyn or even go to a specialist. ASAP if you are TTC.


TS - August 12

You could use natural progesterone cream to regulate your cycles. You can either use it during the luteal phase only or you can use it for 3 weeks or so a month if you really need to regulate. When you take a week off that's when you get your period so you can know when you may ovulate. Look up Dr. John Lee's book or just follow directions on container.(From health food stores or on-line) Progesterone at the right time in your cycle is crucial for regulating all your hormones! Good Luck!!



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