ectopic? miscarriage??
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shann0125 - March 2

I am going through a "situation" and was hoping to connect with someone who is in the same boat or some success stories! I ovulated about 23 days ago on 2.7.07. 12 dpo, I took four hpt's... all positive. I went for my first blood test on that day, 2.19.07 and my level was an 8. They seemed concerned of course bc it was so low and sent me again. Wednesday and Friday (2.21 and 2.23) hcg levels came back at an 8 (again) and then a 9. On Friday doctor said it was most likely a pregnancy that simply did not take. I started bleeding on Saturday and bled through Monday. It was heavy like a period, not just spotting. I assumed I had gotten my period and started planning for my next cycle to try again. On Monday 2.26, I went for another hcg level, thinking it would have gone down. It was a 67, Retested again 2 days later on 2.28 and my level was a 274. Still very low, but they are rising! I've had 2 ultraounds that have shown nothing, but they say it's too early to see and I need to wait and keeping tracking hcg level. Any ideas? I'd love to hear opinions or stories! We're anxiously awaiting answers!


tsmith6105 - March 2

I am not in the same boat...but I wish you luck!!!


tsmith6105 - March 2

I am really interested to see how it turns out...keep us posted!


Lynn - March 4

i have had a m/c and an ectopic. i recall severe pain during what should have been impantation for my you recall pain that would have stopped you in your tracks? my hcg levels were only 67 at the beginning of my pregnancy but rose and i delivered a little girl 4 weeks ago. please keep me posted and if you need to talk, i'll keep looking for this post.


DONT GIVE UP - March 4

I was pregnant twice. My first pregnancy was in nov/2004 I had a lot of pain in my right side and doctors told me due to the severe pain it might be an ectopic. I went for several ultrasounds and they just couldnt find the fetus. Finally at around week 7 , they were able t find the fetus and thankfully it was in the right place and everything had tuned out fine. But shortly after I gave birth I started ttc again, After exactly 12 months of trying I concieved, it was not as painful as my first pregnancy but I had lots and lots of backpain.At 6 weeks, i found out it was an ectopic and doctors said I would have to terminate the pregnancy. It was a very hard time for me and my journey still continues. I strongly believe that no matter how hard we want something it is not in our hand and all we can really do is pray.


shann0125 - March 5

thanks for the responses... Lynn, I'm glad to hear your low levels turned into a healthy pregnancy. It defiitley gives me hope. I'll get results of my last hcg test tomorrow (monday), so i'll let you know what happens. I think what threw my doctor is that I bled and then my levels went up, since usually the opposite occurs. I don't have any pain, with the exception of some occasional mild lower back pain. I'm praying to god everything works out! thanks for the support!


wantanotheraftertr - March 5

Shann I found out I am pg on WED My hcg was 29 on Friday it was 55 and Sun It only got up to 75 I will have hcg checked again tomorrow and hopefully they have continued to climb My dr. says I could be in for early mc. I have not experienced any bleeding as of yet. But I think my boat is pretty close to your right now let me know how it goes!


shann0125 - March 5

well, some good news, i think. the hcg test that i took on friday came back 751! I had another one this morning and will get it tomorrow. I havent talked to my doctor since this big rise, but i'll see her on wednesday. the nurse today said it was very strange that i bled and had such low levels initially, but that maybe i had a twin pregnancy and lost one. good luck! i'll keep in touch...


slowpoke01 - March 6

SHANN-i had an ectopic in aug that i had to terminate in sept. just be sure that they are doing ultrasounds until they see something in the uterus. i had hcg level of 2900 and they still didnt see anything in the uterus, and then i was bleeding and having severe pain by that time and then i got to where i couldnt walk. be sure to keep having ultrasounds until they see something in the uterus. good luck.


shann0125 - March 7

i found out today that it was ectopic. tomorrow i'll be going for methotrexate injection. does anyone know the success rate for this treatment? i know the next step is surgery and that really scares me!


wantanotheraftertr - March 7

Shan I have heard that it works well my RE uses it ! I am going thru the same thing but so far my levels are going down on their own. I will have another blood draw on Tuesday next week to see if my levels have gone back to 0. I am hopeing that my mc happens on its own and that I wont need the shot I stopped taking my progesterone yesterdeay so they think within a few days I should start bleeding. How long will you have to wait now before you can ttc? My levels never got over 75 so I can count mc as af and try right away> Assuming that my numbers do not do like yours and go back up. I feel so bad for you. I can honestly say I know what your going thru as it is happening to me right now also! I cried all night long last night but am starting to come to terms with it and am trying to look to the future I had a TR in Oct after almost 13 years of having them tied at least I now know I can concieve. I am here for you if you need to chat hell I might need to chat some more as I have just been told I am going to mc and have had no bleeding yet. Its hard to really let go with out it happening! My thoughts and prayers for you! we just need a few moments to catch our breath and heal our heart a little. God bless



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