early signs
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kaylas mom - September 6

can anyone tell me what their early pg signs were?


andy - September 6

hi I really hope this could help u !!! I got sore bbs since CD20 , implantation bleeding (little brown spotting on CD24 25 26 ) Got a ´BFP on blood test CD28 , more spotting on CD 31 32 , little cramps an week 5 , really really big boobs since week 6 and morning sickness(all day) since then ... on what cd are you???


Ann1 - September 6

I had absolutely no signs until a couple weeks after I got the bfp, so don't put too much stock in the signs!! I did have spotting on 10dpo.


Tammy276 - September 6

I had implantation cramping and that was about it...alot of woman don't start getting signs until after they find out they are pregnant....somewhere between weeks 4 and 6....I found out i was preggers around week 4 and didn't start having symptoms until around week 6 or so...the only one I had before that was sore bb's but that was normal to me because i get that before AF every month...how far away is AF for you?



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