Early Ovulation
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diem - July 19

Hello to all! I am new here and have a question that I hope someone can answer. This month I had my LH surge on CD 10. Does this seem early to any of you? My cycles range from 29 to 31 days. I could swear that I used to ovulate later in the cycle. However, I never kept a close watch until now.
I guess this means that I would've ovulated on CD 11 or 12 right? My temp has stayed pretty high starting 2 days after the surge.


Mega - July 19

Hi Diem. Welcome. This board is full of great women with good advice & support. O day varies cycle to cycle, though some women tend to O early, others late. So even if you are a later O though, you definitely could've O'ed earlier this cycle. That happens. Besides CD 12 isn't unduely early. Anything new this cycle? Did you start a new fertility drug or anything? That could cause an early O. Yes, you typically O 24-48 hours after the LH surge. So CD 11 or 12 or so would most likely be your O day. Good luck!


diem - July 19

Thanks Mega!
I have not been trying anything new like any drugs etc... it just seems like my luteal phase is quite long. I heard that a long leutal phase is not a bad thing. I hope it's true. thank you for responding. I feel better knowing that this is not super abnornal :)



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