early miscarriage at 4 wks every time!
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lisa - July 17

me and my partner have been trying too get pregnant( and stay pregnant) the past 3 months, on the date of my expected period I did a test and it came back postive, 3 days later I bled heavily and after that was negative, same thing happened the 2nd month,after that I went too see the doctor and she said this was quite normal and it happened too a 3rd of all pregnancies, anyway she gave me a blood test testing for PCOS and that came back clear , what I would like too know is , would she had detected any hormonal probs in that blood test she did for PCOS? ...I


Lena - July 17

I'm surprised that your doctor hasn't tested your post-ovulatory and hCG levels. Low progesterone levels are a common reason for early embyonic death and totally treatable with a supplement. hCG levels, on the otherhand, would test the integrity/viatality of the conceptus.


Sue - July 25

Your doctor should be testing you for immunity disorders ANA and APA, maybe others. I had two miscarriages righ after I found out I was pregnant. I have ANA and used baby asprin and Fragmin to stay pregnant and it worked, my son is 4. Good luck!


teigan - August 13

your doctor should also test you for blood clottind disorders, where your placenta gets to thick with blood and cuts off the oxygen to the baby, seen as yours is happening at the same time i would deffinatley mention this to your doctors xxx


D. - August 13

Too many doctors wait until a third loss before they will bother to run tests. Which is very stupid, in my opinon. As for your doctor saying it's common, that's true of one miscarriage. Once a second miscarriage in a row hits, the odds are getting strange. Your doctor should be running bloodwork to figure out why. It could be any of the issues listed here. Or nothing. I've had two miscarriages and no reasons were discovered as to why except for the possibility of my age (older women are more likely to have miscarriages. Here is some good, easy to understand reading for you. ----http://pregnancy.about.com/c
----- and http://www.fertilityplus.org
The second link has a variety of tests that you may wish to discuss with your doctor. I'm very sorry for your loss but I hope something here will help in getting you your baby.



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