Early 20's and trouble concieving
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jenna - January 24

hi all, congrats to elana h & h 9 mnth.. well another cycle with no ovulation. its starting to get me really down i am doing everything properly. i wanna go to the docs and ask for clomid or something to help me but i dont have the courage with me only being 19 she l probs tell me to come back in a few year. itsapinupthing thanx for ur support. mandi if i dont conceive soon i think i am just going to wait til i am married in sept. i am scared to buy my dress incase i conceive. good luck to u mandi and every1 else baby dust


Mandi - January 24

Jenna I know what you mean, because I dont want to plan a wedding and then Im pg in my wedding dress that would be weird..I was thinking that if Im a few months pg when I get married that it was ok because I wouldnt really be showin but if it happens now i will be big by july lol, but I think that you should jus ask that doc and give it a try,I mean shes gotta give you something to help you ovulate. but thanx and good luck to you too!! Baby dust to everyone**


angeleyes31102 - January 25

I am 22 will be 23 on March 11th which incidentally is also my wedding date YEA!!! Anyway My DF and I have had unprotected sex for the past 3.5 yrs and twice I thought I was pg. Oh before I go into that first I was on Depo from March 2002 until Aug 2004. Then I switched to pills/patch/nuva ring within a couple months because it wasn't helping my cramps. Finally I got off bc all together and in Jan 2005 I was 2 weeks late for my period which has never happened to me, my boobs were sore, nausea,tired ,emotional you name it I had it. My DF and I knew I was pg but it never showed on pg tests. I didn't have insurance so I didn't go right away to the doc and I went to help out at work and was lifting heavy things and started bleeding and that was it. When i finally got insurance went to the docs and she said it was an early loss. Whatever so life goes on right? Well then in July I started noticing my sense of smell increased-I am normally a stuffy nosed person 100% of the time and I laugh because my DF and I said maybe I was turning into a superhero because I had a sense of smell that was killer...but I got sick from smelling everything! meat, shampoo,perfume,lotion,BO, anything made me dizzy and nautious. and I had all the other symptoms. I was 5 days late for af and then she reared her ugly head on that sunday at church none the less. went to the docs and she said again oh sounds like an early loss...
She thought I had endo so I went through a painful HSG test and Laparoscopy and both times she said everything looked good no endo. So someone suggested maybe my progestrone levels are too low and it can't support the pregnancy. My doc said well the next time you start having symptoms call me quickly we will do a blood test and give you progestrone shots and see if that helps...yeah thanks.
Anyway my future husband and I want to finish college first and get our careers going before having kids but I can't help but want a baby everyday...and what's worse is not knowing what the future holds for us in that department. I don't know if any of this helps anyone I hope it does and right now I'm wondering if I could be pg because I have been feeling really wet down there like it's this clear liquid that keeps gushing out of me all the time and it feels TMI-snotty? well didn't know if any of you preggo women had that as a symptom because I don't remember having that with the other 2 but sumptoms other than that have been a little nautious, hungry, sleepy in the day but not sleepy at night sometimes other times my head hits the pillow and I'm gone, thirsty all the time, peeing frequently. I think I am just wishing too hard and I'm probably not but oh well. Congrats to all you new moms! Your children are very lucky because they will be more loved then oops children whose parents didn't really want them as in the case of must teen pregnancies. Don't be jealous of them just because they can get pregnant does not make them a mom. A mom is someone who puts her children first before herself and alot of teen moms don't know what it means to do that. I'm not saying all teens so please don't be offended if any of you are or were teen moms. But at least in my area that's what it seems like.


Mandi - January 26

I just had a question and I was really hoping for support about all this but has anyones sweetie ever went to get checked out by a fertlity specialist?and had a SA done? and is it expensive? and what kind of tests do they do to first start everything goin to see if he has a fertility problem? because my fiance has a high body temperature naturally all the time so that makes his baby tools(testes) hot so does anyone think thats a big problem why I'm not pg? because if his baby tools are hot all the time doesnt that mean that makes him have a low sperm count? I'm really trying to make sense of all this but it's complicating can anyone help? and give some advice on what to do? also if I go in to get checked out to see if O should I go to a fertility doc? or just a normal doc? and how can they tell if you O or not? I have looked all this up on the net and had no help yet so hopefully someone can help>> Baby dust!!


itsapinupthing - January 27

Hi angeleyes31102
I know what you mean about wanting a baby but not being sure if your ready and waiting to get things out the way like school,but I gave up and made a baby anyway and I'm soooooo beyond happy about it. I started school this week and God knows I'm dieing of tiredness,but I nap at lunch ( cause I work 40 hours a week) and make sure I go to bed as soon as I get home . My symtoms were not too bad, I had sore boobs it went from really bad to mild, I also was very thristy and still am, but I think it's cause I go potty so much. i was never feeling yucky just sleepy and manam I hungry.....my bay is gonna be a big one, he/she eats SOOOOO much...HAHA.
Well I hope this helps and I know what it's like to hope you are and trying not to get your hopes up in case you aren't, keep your chin up hunny and God will bless you in due time. Don't hesitate to test, it will make you feel better that wondering. LOTS OF BABY DUST TO YOU


itsapinupthing - February 8

just an update....I saw my bay for the first time on friday and IT WAS MORE THAN I COULD EVER ASK FOR. I know it will happend for all of you some day.

God Bless all of you


bsbeanersmommy - June 26

I am also 22 and married. I have one child who is 4. I went on the depo provera shot and have been off of it for almost 3 years. My husband and I have been trying to concieve for 2 and 1/2 years. I know how frustrating and depressing it can be to try and try and get absolutely no where. I was finally able to get some help last week. I went to the doctor and explained my problem, she was very sympathetic and help. She put me on clomid . We'll see how well it works. I wish you all the luck and hope that your wait is not near as long as mine.


Tammy276 - June 26

Hi bsbeanersmommy. Looks like this thread hasn't been used in a while. I 26 and ttc#2. We have been trying for almost a year now w/ 2 m/c. The last one was in January and no luck getting pregnant since then. I am going to be calling my doc. this week. My problem is I have a really long cycle, and sometimes I think that by the time I O, my eggs are no good anymore. I usually have like a 45 day cycle, which is pretty long. I don't ovulate until like cycle day 25 or 26 and that is when most women are expecting their AF's already. It stinks when your ttc and it doesn't happen. A few girls are going to be starting a thread called Cycle Buddies, TTC-June/July in the What to Expect forum. If you find your way over there, come and join us. We can all go through it together.


keiraaldhous - July 8

Hiya guys im 24 and have been trying for our second child for 3 years and yet no luck. Although i get no help and supperot from my doctors surgey instead i get told im over weight :( great boost hey?
Best of luck for u all xxxx


two_little_ladies - July 9

I was reading your posts and had to comment though I know some of you probably don't need to hear this. Make sure that your hubby gets check out too. I got with my first husband when I was 19 who also took my virginity. We were together for 8 yrs and never used protection and never got pregnant. He always made me feel like it was me,even though I got checked out and even had laproscopic surgery done. It wasn't until we divorced and I was with my new boyfriend (whos now DH) That I got preg. and I got preggo within 3mths of us being together. I felt badly and blamed myself and didn't need to because it was exhubby all along and he would never get checked out and I was young and had no idea. It was also before message boards were ramped unlike today. Hope you don't mind me dropping in with this message ... Good luck and baby dust to you ladies :)



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