Dye Test
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carrot top - January 30

Hi All! Just wondering... I am having a HSG dye test next week. Do I need to fast or have a full bladder or anything for the test? Thanks guys!


Char - January 30

Hi, when i had mine done, the dr had requested a full bladder. The worst part was when They started the procedure, they had said i was too full and had to empty small amounts out twice.... that was a tease.


Char - January 30

oh yeah, he also told me not to eat anything after midnight before the procedure


Tink - January 30

my doctor didn't request anything. other than told me to take some tylenol or advil beforehand. i was nervous, but it wasn't that bad. it took some time for me since my uterus is tilted and i have a small cervix, so they had to try for 20 minutes to get the catheder/tube in. it was uncomfortable, but not really painful. good luck!


thayward7 - January 30

If I remember correctly, all I did in advance was take an antibiotic for a few days and some advil the morning of the procedure. I am sure I had an empty bladder, but I don't remember fasting or not. It was kinda' painful for me, but only during the procedure itself - which was pretty quick. Afterwards, just mild cramps - less than AF cramps. Hope it turns out well for you! Smiles and Babydust... T


carrot top - January 31

Thanks ladies!!


COL - January 31

HI, i am going for mine in Thursday, no need for fasting or full bladder. good luck



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