Due For Af On Valentine's Day Of All Days :(
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sherry - February 8

anyone else due for af that day? i'll be so bummed, if that happens. iam almost a cripple on cd 1, with pain, cramps, and bleeding, not to mention what a dissapointment it would be to boot. i pray at least if iam not preggo it waits until the 15th to show. what an awful gift that would be. i didn't realize that i was due that day until now. urrr... ok, thanks for listening to my complaining. sherry


Dee - February 8

me too and i'm sooo bummed!! and i have to go in for a colonoscopy as well! so i'm going to have a really sucky Valentines day. i'm kind of mad about that too because my dh and i had all kinds of stuff planned, but so much for that! i'm 22 and my dh is 23 and we've been trying for 2 yrs...we dont have any major problems that i know of except i have a tilted uterus. i haven't been in to see a RE yet because i'm trying to solve some problems i've been having with my intestines first, but when i get that fixed i will be going in to see an RE and getting all the tests done to see if there's anything wrong. if everything comes back fine with me then i'll be sending my dh in for testing. i can tell this year is going to be very busy for me as far as Dr. appts go. well good luck and hopefully neither of us will get AF on V-day!


sherry - February 10

oh man, a colonoscopy on valentine's day? :( well, dee, i hope you are pregnant, so at least the day could end up on a much more happy note. as far as the colonoscopy, i have had 2 of them. the first one, i was mostly awake for, cause they didn't give me enough time for the anestesia to kick in. the dr. was in a big rush. it wasn't too bad, and the second was nothing at all. i had twighlight sleep, woke up in the recovery room, feeling normal, and relaxed. even a bit buzzed for awhile, lol. next time i have to get that done, that is where iam going to go. you'll be ok. it isn't that bad. the barium to me was much worse. no af on 2/14!!!!!!! we got plenty in common!


Dee - February 10

thanks for some info on the procedure because i haven't been given any yet. so they do put you out for it? do you need someone to drive you home or were you able to drive yourself to and from? can i ask what you have been diagnosed with? my dr thinks i have an ulcer or gastritis. also what is a barium? sorry for all of the questions, but i haven't had much explained to me yet. so how long have you been trying for? i feel like my dh and i have been trying for an eternity. i am really hoping that af will not show up at all or atleast late because it would suck to have to go through both that day. well i'll just hope and pray that neither of us get af for the next 9 months and that we will have a happy and healthy pregnancy! good luck!


sherry - February 11

hey dee, twighlight sleep, you usually fall asleep for, so you should be out. make sure they know that is what you want to, but should be typical. the first time, cause of the way it was timed, i watched the whole thing on a tv set, above me, lol, and fell asleep after the fact for 3 hours! the second time, i woke up like an hour afterwards and was fine i was blowing kisses to the anestesiologist for a job well done. i was not sore, nothing! it isn't so bad, i sware it sounds worse then it is. yes, i did get driven home both times, cause you can feel a bit high once the stuff wears off. i wouldn't try driving yourself home. i had a polyp removed last time, and i have IBS with constipation, and have a history in my family of colon cancer, and other intestinal problems, so i go through testing every couple years. i thought the barium enema was much worse. that is when they take x-rays of your inside, after pumping you full of clay like material. it makes you want to run to the bathroom, but you can't, you have to lay on this tube in you, in different positions for pictures to be taken. i found it very uncomfortable, but this was about 7 years ago, perhaps it's done more gentle now. no anestehia for that one. i hear ya about if af is gonna come, please come late, i don't want it on valentines, but that is my bad luck. me and dh tried 3.5 years for DD, and now this is month #9, for another. iam hoping it's not another 3.5 years, but dh doesn't want to go back to the RE, until it's been a year, so 3 more months i guess. i hope you get your bfp first! you have earned it! if we could get it together, that would be a-ok to :) have you gotten the urge to test yet? how are you feeling? iam feeling af-y already, but i try not to think too much of it, cause i felt that way with DD to, so one never knows, but it's anyone's guess. iam sending lots of baby dust your way, and praying your procedure is quick and painless, and the results are perfect! sherry


sherry - February 11

guess we are the only 2 unlucky ones, due on valentine's day!



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