drives me CRAZY
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D - February 16

well today at work a girl (who I do like) who just had a baby last July, announced she is pregnant again. Unbelievable. She told me that she was on birth control and only missed a day. Unreal. Her big complaint was that she will have to have another csection. So she was trying not to get pregnant and twice in a little over a year she is pregnant. I have been trying for nearly 3 years. Nothing. Tells me that they didnt really want another baby, but oh well she says, they will live with it. Live with it???? I know I am venting, please forgive me, this is the only place I feel safe to say how I sometimes feel. Its not that I dont like her or that Im not happy for her, but what I would give to be in her situation. It seems like some women just dont understand (and apparently dont have to) how hard it is for some of us. It is frustrating and I find myself questioning my resolve..


TC - February 16

I hear ya!!!!! You have every right to feel the way you do. Let it all out. I do hope your turn comes soon, I'm sure you deserve it. Good luck and best wishes....


Mega - February 16

Hang in there! Like TC said, it's okay to feel like you do. I can certainly relate. I'm happy for all the currently preggo people I know, but it doesn't stop me from wishing I was joining their ranks too. It's frustrating to hear about people who seem to lay down next to a guy & get PG and then there's us who want nothing more than to have what they have effortlessly. But I have to believe your turn, TC's turn, my turn WILL COME! Good luck.


JessicaG. - February 17

I know how you feel there are alot of prego's at my work and I am friends with most all of them, I tend to try to tune them out because it hurts me...But just keep your head up because stress can also lower your chances of infertility.


Elyse - February 17

Hey everyone - i'm invading your thread - mine is dead today. Hope it's OK. Geez is ignorant - ignore her. Anyway, I know what you mean about some women. It's the silliest thing to say you are pregnant, but didn't really want to be. If you want to prevent it, then prevent it. One day off the pill isn't going to get anyone pg, so women who say that are just blowing smoke you-know-where. It's like very thin women saying they feel "fat". So stupid. I am not referring, of course , to any women who have "real" body issues, just the vein ones who are looking for validation. OK, done venting. How is everyone here doing today? I am in the torturous 2ww. Of course I will cheat and test on Monday - 12 dpo.


leann - February 18

I agree with you elyse, noone gets pregnant with one day off the pill the hormones from the pills stay with you at least over one cycle and for her to tell you that it was only one day is a blatant lie, she would never swear that one on her child. I agree women who just say oh well just another child we'll deal gets on my nerves so bad, they don't get it at all! and to think of all the things we have to go through with infertility, tests, drugs, ups and downs so oooooo not fair. How come only the women that didn't really care if they got pregnant are the ones that end up with kids, and the ones that so desperatley would give house and home to have one can't even do that! so fustrating, ok that's my rant feel a bit better now.


Good point.... - February 18

It's just not fair!! I am stomping my feet right now and pouting! I will never be happy for any pregnant women! EVER!!!


Vicious lady - February 18

Us non pregnant women are not vicious, we are jealous and frustrated and mad at the world because we cant get pregnant. For those that have been trying for what seems like forever it kind of rips your heart out when you find out someone "accidentally" got pregnant. We spend so much time and money to get pregnant and it doesn't happen. And the emotions we go through month after month is unexplainable unless you have been there. 9 people have gotten pregnant in the 2 1/2 years I have been trying and it hurts so much I think im going to die sometimes, I'm serious. It hurts so much that I no longer go around my friends and family, I cant stand to see their stomach growing and its worse to hear them b**** about what they are going through because for me that seems like heaven and they do not even appreciate the fact that they can get pregnant. Sure I'm happy for them but I'm unhappy because I cant do what they can even though I have tried so damn hard. If that means I am a vicious person then so be it.



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