drepression following another negative pt.
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jessica - August 29

i don't know what is wrong. why is it so difficult to get pregnant. i've been married for a year and 1/2 and and starting trying about 6 months ago. its very upsetting as the months roll by and i'm still not pregnant. i'm going to the gyno tomorrow because i have a feeling there is a problem. i had scar tissue removed a few years back and have a feeling it's back. anybody else have or had scar tissue?


CC - August 29

Hi Jessica..I dont have scar tissue as a problem, but just wanted to let you know to hang in there. This board is a great sounding place for your feelings, and you will find many others who feel just like you do (like me!) You are doing the right thing by going to see your Dr, and getting some tests started to see if there is a problem. Its almost a relief to start that process, as you begin to feel like you will finally get the help you need to get pregnant. Try not to be down...Easier said then done I know, but think positive that you will eventually reach your goal of a baby! Keep us updated on your Dr. appointment and what the course of action will be.


jessica - August 29

thanks CC
it does help to write about my feelings. I'm not very good at discussing my feelings. I find it very hard to find the words.
Thanks for being a sounding bord and hopefully i'll get some answers tomorrow.
i have another question . . what exactly is chlomid. is there web sites to research about fertility drugs? thanks again


CC - August 29

Hi Jessica...I am much better writing on this board about how I truely feel vs. talking to even my closest friends. Most of them do not have fertility issues, and most already have one if not more children and can not really relate. I try to be open w/ my husband as much as I can, but he can only relate to so much! Clomid is a drug used to help irregular ovulation, and to produce more egg production. If you google Clomid you will finds ton of info..In my case, and I think in most cases, your Dr will want you to go through a series of tests, and have your husband provide a semen sample to rule him out and make sure he has..If all tests come out ok (for me I had to do a HSG test also where they shoot dye in your fallopian tubes to make sure they arent blocked) and your Dr thinks Clomid will help in your situation, then they will prescribe it. If I dont get my period this month, I will be taking Clomid this cycle. Anytime you want to talk, let me know! This board and the women on it have been life savers for me at times, even if I just read some of their stories, it helps to know you arent alone in this mess of trying to get pregnant. I think many of us, including myself never thought I would be in this position, or that it would be this hard (it shouldnt be this hard!)


merlee - August 29

After 6 months of ttc without success I know you feel like a failure. But that is by no means the case. Every cycle a health couple (no problems) only has a 20-25% chance of conceiving. So give it time. But here are a few websites to check out to educate yourself just incase you run into some fertility issues. FertilityFriend.com teaches you to chart and to read your body's fertility signs. FertilityPlus.org is very thourough in answer questions about what to ask you doctor, when to see a fertility specialist, and what tests are done and what info they tell you and your doctor. TryingToConceive.com is another site that can answer questions and has a message board. Good luck and don't get depressed, yet. It is too soon for that.


Jessica - August 29

Thanks you guys. You're right it probably is too early to get concerned but i tend to stress over everything and thats probably not helping my by any means. I going to try yoga to calm myself and try to relax a bit. thanks again. you guys are life savers



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