Dreams about being pregnant
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merlee - June 26

I've heard of women having dreams that they were pg the nite they conceived. Just wondering if anyone here has had that experience??? I have been ttc for 31 mo. and have had dreams of wanting to be pg or that friend and family told me I was pg but was not believing in the dream. I have never actually dreamed that I was pg. But Last nite after bd with dh I dreamed that I got a bfp on hpt (I saw the line in the dream) and I knew in the dream that it was real. Then later the same nite dreamed that I was breastfeeding my baby in the room in our house that we have designated as the baby room when we have one. I haven't even ov'd yet, I'm on cd 11.
It was sooo real. I've never had a dream about being pg that was that real before. I hate to get my hopes up but I want it to be so bad. Anyone else have a dream story???


Drew - June 26

Wow, I know all about dreams like these! I actually had two in a row right after af finished (about June 9/10). I dreamed I got a bfp on an hpt, and then at my gyn appt. he was congratulating me on my pregnancy. They were so real, the one with the hpt, I actually woke up happy and felt so good cause I thought I was. When I finally completely woke up my stomach just sank cause I knew it wasn't true. I don't know much about wether or not they mean anything, but I know how you feel. :)
~~~Baby Dust~~~


merlee - June 26

Drew, you mean you had your dream this month? What day are you on? Have you had any similar dreams in the past? My dreams are always that someone tells me I am pg or hands me a baby telling me it is mine but I know that it did not come from my body, so I am confused in the dreams. This one was different. I picked up the baby from his crib and knew it was from my body and I actually felt that I was nursing. I hope our dreams come true this month. ***Baby Dust***to us all.


Jill - June 27

I've had dreams like that in the past. I had a few right around Christmas, just a few months after we started trying. Just like Drew, I woke up so excited. When I actually realized it was only a dream, I just sat and cried. I haven't had them in a while, but I just thought I'd let you know that I've shared your experience with that. Good luck to all.


Drew - June 27

Hi Merlee, yes I had that dream this month just after I finished af. No idea if this means anything but I guess we'll see! Won't really be able to have an accurate test for atleast a week. Who knows, maybe these dreams mean this is our month? Here's hoping!!


merlee - June 27

Jill, thanks for sharing. Drew, my dream was so real, but now the feeling is fading. I hope it is true, though, for both of us. Baby Dust


rachael - June 27

i have i tested positive this morning and 7 days ago i had a dream that i took a test and 2 lines came up saying i was pg how amazing is that?


merlee - June 27

rachel, That's Great!! Congradulations!!!


Drew - June 27

Rachel, thats AWSOME!!! Dreams really do come true, there's the proof!



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