dreaming! very weird
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liannem - January 25

Hey i know this may sound stupid, but i have had two dreams which i hope means alot and wanted your opinion.
The first one was about 2 rabbits, and the one was stroking my face and riding a babies bike, very strange i know lol and i heard that if you dream about rabbits its about pregnancy.

The second one was i was actually pregnant! And was going into labour with a very small bump.

I dont know if this means anything but would like to think it does, thank you to anyone who does reply x


pmblake - January 25

Are you post O? Wacky dreams are so common while on meds or when your hormones are going all crazy! I typically have nightmarish type dreams! Really scary dreams! Feels blessed that your dreaming about cute bunnies on bikes ;)


BabyOnMyMind - January 26

I have been told that you have strange dreams when you're pregnant. Sounds like a good sign!



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