Dr. says I might not be ovulating?? Anyone else??
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Laurab - February 3

Each month I my af is late and I have pg symptoms only to get af 2-3 weeks late. My dr thinks I am stressing too much to get pg and therefore causing my body to not release and egg. Has this happened to anyone else???


hopeful06 - February 3

Laurab.....I have been told that I haven't been ovulating as well. As for the stress causing anovulation, I'm not sure. Were you on the pill? I was on the pill for 4 years and coming off has been hard for me. If you were on the pill, how were your cycles before going on it? Were they regular? If they weren't, it is possible that you could have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) --a lot of women on this forum seem to have this condition. If the only problem is lack of ovulation, I've been told that there are a lot of things that can be done to help your body begin to ovulate again. Right now I'm taking metformin. A lot of women take metformin along with clomid. Ask your doctor if any of these meds--or any other med--would help you to ovulate again. In my mind, just chalking it up to stress doesn't cut it.


to Laurab... - February 4

If ovulation is the only problem, you can get an HcG shot to trigger your body to ovulate each cycle. RE's usually prescribe this when taking fertility meds. Ask about it. I do not know if OB's prescribe seeing I am going to a RE now. Good luck...also, ask about PCOS and see what happens.


Laurab - February 6

Thanks for all your info and advice. I have to get some blood work today to check my hormone levels, so I will see how all that goes.


hopeful06 - February 10

Laurab.......any news yet?? I was just wondering how everything went!! Let us know!!



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