dr. has no idea what's going on
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HotRodGurl - October 5

Hello everyone! Me again, well...update I went to the dr. today to get my levels checked and needless to say they instead did a pap smear and a pelvic exam on me...what's the difference? I told him I was cramping very badly around my pelvis area and I don't know why he told me to pee in a cup and he said everything checked out fine...no infections..not pregnant (duh, too early to tell if I am)...so, he sent out cultures of my uterus and stuff and I should get the results back in two weeks and he said he would call me if anything comes back abnormal. I won't see him until the 25th for a follow up...and all he did was give me naprosyn 500mg. twice a day as needed for my cramps...and I left without a blood test like I was told I needed by one of the other doctors that works in his office...so, I guess he knows what he's doing...but, my question is this though, is it normal to be cramping this bad for a little over a week? I had my period on 14th finished on the 19th, clomid 100mg. from the 18th to 22nd, took 1000-1500mgs. of metformin up until a week ago...then I stopped them cause I didn't like how I felt on it..it was keeping me from working and right now I need to work. But when I got off the metformin that's when the cramping started...at first I thought it was gas but, now I figured out that the pain isn't on my stomach it's around my pelvis and ovaries mostly on my left...dr. felt around there and said he didn't feel anything abnormal....(of course not...I felt stupid complaining only to find out from him nothing is wrong with me...) so he just gave me painkillers and that's it. any suggestions from anyone? thanks very much. oh, btw, I'm on CD 21 going on CD22...and if I calculated correctly my cycle should be about 31days.


Toni - October 5

I would have insisted on the blood test. Call back and see if you can just go to the lab. The cramping for that long makes me wonder. Good luck


Mega - October 5

Are you seeing a OB or a RE? Is the dr set up to do vaginal U/S in office? Though I'd imagine he'd be able to feel any cysts, cramping that badly at such a prolonged period of times would still make me suspect a possible cyst. Maybe a U/S would be more equipped to pick it up? I don't know. Another possiblity--could you have an etopic pregnancy? I'd still think the pregnancy test would pick that up, but like you said maybe it was too early to pick it up. I hope that's not it. But at any rate, there is something going on or you wouldn't be in such pain. It's just a matter of getting diagnosed. Good luck & keep on the doctors. Feel better! And of course, maybe the cramping is from pregnancy. Hope that's the case!


Indie - October 5

I agree with Mega. Get an Ultrasound. Pregnancy blood tests won't do any good if it's too early, but get your blood tested for your blood count, liver enzymes etc. Also if they see nothing on the ultrasound, insist on a CT scan. Abd/pelvic pain can be a lot of different things. I had right side pain for 5 months and kept insisting something was wrong but kept getting sent home. Finally threw a fit and refused to leave the ER until they figured it out because I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. Guess what?! I had a tumour the size of a grapefruit on the LEFT side and was having referred pain to my right side. It could be cysts, endometriosis, an infection, a reaction to the meds you were taking, or any number of things. Also, check with your doctor or look up metformin online and see how long it takes to completely clear your blood stream. Some hormones (e.g. steroids) can stay in your system for days and weeks after you stop taking them. Let us know how you go.


Mega - October 5

Indie, wow, that's a huge tumor. I'm sorry it took you 5 months to get the drs to listen to you about your body. That's a shame b/c no one knows our bodies better than we do. I hope you're feeling better now. Were they able to remove it via a laporoscopy? Or did you have the more serious kind of surgery? Did you say that it's possible to have a cyst on one ovary and feel the pain on the other side? Is that common, do you know? My dr found a cyst (not nearly as big as yours) on a u/s the other day & he said it was on my right ovary, however for the past month or so I've been having intermittent pelvic pain on my left side. I thought maybe my dr got confused & was thinking his right not mine. LOL.!
Very interesting.


me - October 5

You're right, that dr sounds like he has no clue. I would try to find another one who is more sensitive to your needs. Possibly an RE is you are on Met and all. Good luck!



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