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mz_thames - November 30

can douching affect getting pregnant


Tracy88 - November 30

Douching can affect your cervical fluid, which in turn, can affect whether the sperm even make it through your cervix. If you are too acidic down there, the sperm could be dying. Douching is actually not healthy whether TTC or not. Doc's recommend using plain yogart and distilled water If you insist on doing it. The yogart helps to reflourish the natural bacteria in the vee -jay- jay that keep it's fluids in balance. You can also check with your local health food store to see if there is something there with acidophillus/lactobacilli. I know the yogart thing sounds crazy, but it works and helps keep yeast infections away.


woebketwin - November 30

My mom had to douche prior to having sex before she could get pregnant. She discovered that she was too acidic and would use a douche that lowered the acidity. She got pregnant with my brother after her first time douching and then pregnant with my sister and I (identical twins) her second time douching. This definitely is not the correct course for just anyone. Her doctor had to prescribe a specific douch for her to use.



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