dont make sense...
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dont make sense - January 4

ive posted in another fourm but not got any response on cd 7 and today im on da 5th day of taking clomid...i have PCO by the way and have very irrgular periods...yeaterday i had sticky egg white looking discharge and my temperture was up, i took a ovulation predictor test but it was negative, i have sex yesterday...ive gotten pregnant once b4 but i lost it about 2 weeks after i started my period, so i was thinking dat i ovulate early...what are ur thoughts, thanks for any replies


fi - January 4

i started taking clomid 8 mths ago. i think my ovulation occurs earlier since i've started it. i am still trying to get used to it so sorry i'm not much help


dont make sense - January 4

iight den, do u have any other children? and do u suffer wid infertility?


fi - January 4

no i don't have any other children unfortunatley. yes i do suffer with infertility, i only discovered this 8 months ago


dont make sense - January 4

oh ok, well i discovered i have PCO about 2 and a half years ago and i dont have no other children...what exactly do u have, if u dont mind me asking?



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