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Yvette - March 27

Hi, my name is yvette i always get my period the last week of every month. Last month in february i got my normal period, but about a week later the first week of march i started again, but it was different it lasted about 5 days which is normal but the first day i got it my stomach was hurting i was complaing to my friend and cousin then i was thinking maybe its gas but later on that night i went to the bathroom and there was like a brownish discharge on my underwear i cleaned it up and wiped my self and it was also on the toilet paper i thought that was it but then i felt like i was bleeding so i went bak to the bathroom i wiped and had the discharge again it was only there when i wiped so i put a tampon on just in case about 20 mins later i put a pad just cuz it seemed like a better idea at the moment. i was bleeding bright red and heavy for 5 days which is normal. i was thinking it couldve been my birth control. i started taking them, well i had my period the last week of the month and when i got off, the first sunday i took my birth control pill for the vary first time and the next day, after that i stopped taking them because they were making me fill sick also my period b4 that wasnt normal it lasted about 9 days. after the last period with the brown discharge everything was normal except that i was feeling dizzie got headaces and naseu. now its the last week of march and i am on my period again with cramps. do you have any idea whats goin on?


vr - March 28

It could possibly be the way your body is accepting the birth control. About five years ago, I tried 4 different types of birthcontrol because one would prolong my period, then another I would have it for a week, it would go away for a couple of weeks, then come back again, another made my face and body break out, then finally I found one that worked for me. I ended up taking Ortho-tryclene, which worked great for me. It regulated my periods, it controlled the break-outs, it prevented me from getting pregant,but it did have one down fall for me. I lost my sex drive at age 20.I guess it really depends on the amount of progestin vs.estrogen in each type of pill. Different pills have many different reactions to different women.You may want to talk to your doctor about changing pills to balance out the amount of hormones that are right for your body. I have been off the pill for 6 months now, and my husband and I have been trying for a baby and unfortunately, I still haven't gotten my sex drive back. Permanent side effect from the pill? Or just a chemical inbalance with my body? I don't know. But I do recommend you seeing your doctor. It helped at the time for the reasons I needed it to.


BD - March 29

vr, I can relate 100%. I was on Ortho-trycylin as well and lost my sex drive completely. However, I decided to stop taking it in Jan. and was pregnant 1 week later. I miscarried at 6 1/2 weeks on 3/3. Still no period, still no sex drive. Hoping for my sake and my poor husbands that it is not a permanent affect. Yvette, you should call you dr. Even just talking to a nurse at the office should help you understand what is going on a little better! Good luck to both of you! vr, keep me posted on how you are!


Cutie - March 29

I lost my sex drive too and was thinking its only me and I am on Ortho-trycylin as well... Its frustrating and hard on my hubby :) I still try to please his needs :)


vr - March 29

I'm sooo glad I'm not alone on this. I thought it was just me. I also thought people would think that it's not a matter of losing my sex drive, it's a matter of me not finding my husband desirable anymore. But that is not the case at all. Especially now that we're trying to get pregnant, it sort of feels like a chore, I know that sounds bad, but I'm just not in the mood anymore.And it's very nerve racking having to plan sex when I'm ovulating, geez, how spontaneous.I'm just starting to feel like less of a woman. Not being able to please my husband, although he says I do. But I feel I'm just too young to feel this way. The most frusturating part of this is trying to get pregnant. It's not like we have sex everyday otherwise, so it's been pretty stressful. Thank you to BD and cutie for letting me know that there isn't anything wrong with me.I'll keep you posted.I'll be ovulating anyday now so we'll give it another shot!


May - March 30

You should really look into your thyroid levels. The symptoms are all similar to what I had and was diagnosed with hyperthyroid



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