dont get this..plz help
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Sovi - November 27

i use 2 b very regular..between 28 and 30 days. then in june of 06 i took the depo shot for the very first time. since i didnt like the side effects it was giving me, instead of taking the 2nd shot in sept, i started alesse, from the 3rd to the 30th, taking the active pills for 4 weeks straight. i got a bleeding on oct 11. since then, i havent bled again, am getting every single pregnancy symptom, but 2 negative hpt's, which i took on the 16th and the 25th. i would have sworn i ovulated on the 26th of oct, because of my ovulation symptoms. ladies, if im not pregnant, then what could possibly be the problem? if i didn't ovulate then, when would i possibly ovulate if those symptoms i received weren't accurate? ladies, please help me. my system is out of whack and i'm going out of my mind. thanks.


fatboy - November 29

hi Sovi, I wish I had an answer for you, but unfortunately I don't. I would say you need to make a doc appt. to see if you are or aren't preggers for sure. If you read some of the forums, a lot of women have said they didn't show a bfp on the hpt until they were several months along! Also, you might be stressing yourself out too much about it. I know stress can really effect your menstrual cycle. First things first though, make an appointment! Good Luck!



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