DONG QUAI....know anything???
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Sovi - November 29

tomorrow it will be seven weeks since i had a period. since i had 2 negative hpt's, i figured i began taking dong quai. for the past 2 days, i've been taking 1100 mg, within 2 capsules, each being 550 mg. ladies, what can you share with me about dong quai based on your own experience?? thanks so much. i appreciate it.


linds99 - November 29

Do you have PCOS? Sometimes having this condition can make your cycles irregular and long. I have this and I have had months where my period would be late for 12 days,going from a 33-35 day cycle to over 48+ days (like last February). The reason I ask this is if you do have PCOS, I'm certain dong quai won't work for you. However, eating a low carb-low fat diet sometimes can make your period come, while some women report drinking several good glasses of red wine at dinner (because it thins the blood so much). I personally would endulge in foods high in parsley as I read there are a lot of vitamins in that, and for some reason, whenever my AF was late, I would brew fresh parsley and drink the water several times a day and within a day or two I would get my period. That was my little secret.



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