Don't know if i'm pregnant?
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megan - April 28

My period ususally is like clock work. I am one on March 1 and then just as planned I came on on April 1 I have protected sex after April 7-16 or 17. On the 21 of April I came on again, and i've never had 2 periods in one month. Not much cramping, not as heavy as my normal period only lasted for 3 days, could this be implantation bleeding. Is it too soon to tell?


Carrie - April 28

Did you mean unprotected sex or are you not trying? I'm no expert but here's my input for what its worth. If your period started April 1 then you technically should have been fertile on or around April 14th. Implantation typically takes place approximately 7 days after you concieve. So if you were in fact fertile and concieved around the 14th then maybe that was implantation on the 21st. So your period should be starting again in the next couple days, right? If it doesn't then that may be an indication of what is going on. Best of luck - I hope it works out for you!!


Mindy - April 29

No, it's not to soon, that is a symptom of implantation, now it might be to early to test posative for pregnancy yes. But talk to someone who knows more then me. I am new to all this. I only know what i have read.


melanie - April 29

I agree with you Carrie.. Technically your period, should start your cycle today. I'm in the same situation.. Period on the 2nd of April. Pregnancy test negative.. this waiting is something - Hopefully, we'll both have some good news..


sandro - May 9

how do i know if i'm pregnant



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