Dollar tree OPK
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Mzwest83 - March 15

Hi! I just bought a couple yesterday and was just wondering if any one else has used them and if they work? Thanks


wantanotheraftertr - March 15

They work great! Just give it the full amount of time before you read the results. I threw away a pg test a few weeks ago that was + but I thought it was - b/c I didn't wait the 3 min. something told me to take another look at it. I did m/c so I will be using the opks again this month. Good luck and again yes they work.


Mzwest83 - March 15

Thank you so much for answering! I was uneasy using it because no one every really talks about them!


Mzwest83 - March 15

Aslo I am so sorry for your M/C. I myself just went through 2 of them ( july 07 & Sept 07)


wantanotheraftertr - March 15

Its ok about the m/c I am really trying to move on after it now. I am sorry about yours as well I can't imagine going thru it 2 times. This about killed me emotionally. Have you had any sucessfull pg? I have 3 children all getting older now almost 18, almost 16 and almost 13 they are wonderfull I had a tubal reversal in Oct 2006 and this was my first pregnancy post reversal. I am sure I will again become pg but it mat not be as easy as it was when I was yougner


Mzwest83 - March 16

To be honest the first one hurt the most. I was 8 weeks but the baby stoped growing at 5 weeks.I still cried on Feb. 24th My due date. The second I found out I was pregnant and started to bleed right away so I really did not get that attached feeling. I do have two lovely little girls ages 7 & 8. We have been trying for two years so to be honest I am really getting tired of peeing on things!LOL


sososleepy - March 16

Hi Mzwest. I use them, I label them, I save them, and I compare them to each other because I get a couple days of good lines before the + and then no line after it, and the surge is supposed to last 2 or 3 days, and we're supposed to O about 35 hours into the surge... I read that most women get their + on the first day of the surge though... When you find your pattern, bd a day or two before the surge begins too if you can. My negative ones never turned pos, but my all most Pos ones sometimes got lots darker over the first half hour or so... I know, we can't count those... I'm looking for patterns though to identify the whole surge for myself...



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