Does Puregon or Prometrium cause heavy periods?
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Deborah - April 3

Ladies I need your help! Here's my story in a nutshell. I am 40 y/o. I have a 24 y/o daughter and an 4 y/o daughter. We have been TTC for close to 3 years now. Have had 3 m/c's and 4 chemical preg. Have done several Clomid/IUI's and this past month did Puregon 75UI's CD 4-12, Ovidril CD 13 and IUI on CD 15 for the first time. Also did Prometrium for the first time 2DPO till period came which was April 1. Here's my question ladies. Does Puregon or Prometrium cause heavy periods??? CD 2 and 3 have been unbelievable!! I have to go to bathroom every 20 mins or so b/c I can feel the blood literally gushing out. (sorry tmi) Also, everytime I go to the bathroom lots of clots come out. I am changing my pad way too often. I was just wondering if this was b/c of Puregon or Prometrium...



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