Does Prometrium help get that BFP?
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cdmrose - September 8

I'm TTC with my husband, and although my OPKs usually indicate an LH surge and my temperatures suggest ovulation, my progesterone is unusually low (<5). Doc wants to prescribe Prometrium to help us with TTC. Any success stories out there?


cdmrose - September 11

OK, this is not very encouraging...


isa - September 13

I always was given 200mg of progesterone suppositories 2x/day starting day after iui until af showed (since I didnt get pg). If I had gotten pg doc would keep me on them until 12 weeks I think it is. Yes it helps to hold pregnancy - I was not low on progesterone its just added to aid with implantation etc. It is common practice with iui and ivf treatments.



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