does progesterone cause cramping?
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crampygal - January 18

I am on 2 progesterone suppositories a day and I was wondering if it might be what is causing my cramping since ovulation? It kind of feels like af cramps across the low abs and sometimes hip to hip low?


Becca D - January 18

Yes, it can cause cramping. It did for me and a friend of mine. It also caused a little nausea, fatigue and bloating...even on the cycles before becoming pregnant. I would get so excited thinking I was pregnant b/c of the "symptoms" but that was just the hormone :( Finally it was pregnancy after 8 months of that :) Good luck to you!!


crampy - January 18

thanks, i also had the nasea but didnt even relate that to the progesterone. I just figured it was the vitamins.



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