does painkillers(advil) causes infertility
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kim - March 1

i was reading about causes of infertility ,found out use of pain killers cause infertility. i always take advil during my 1st day of period 2 this the cause.of me i am ttc 11mths


Mega - March 1

I would imagine that just means people who use them habitually for extended periods of time, like for chronic pain. I'd never heard of that being a cause of infertility though. Did you read that on a .gov or .org website, some kind of medical journal? But anyway, if that's true, taking Advil for period pain wouldn't cause infertility. Since it's been almost a year for you, I hope you make an appt. soon to see a dr for a complete work up though, make sure your Oing, have your partner get a SA, etc. But that's just standard if you've been TTC for a while. Even for so called normal couples unfortunately it still can over 1 year, each month you have like a 20-25% chance of getting PG. I HTH! Good luck. Baby dust!


kim - March 1

thanx mega,


Mega - March 1

You're welcome! :)


TC - March 1

I read somewhere that too much advil is not necessarily a cause of infertility, but can affect the lining of the uterus; thus impeding implantation. Don't quote me on this, but look up Non-steroidal anti-infalmmatories and implantation and see what you come up with. I used to take a lot of advil for sinus inflammation, and have stopped altogether at the request of my doctor.



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