does off pill irregulate the af cycle?
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sm - October 18

i hv been off pill for almost a year but my cycle as a result has become irregular. is this common? therefore, my gynae said it is difficult to b pregnant w irregular cycle. tis cycle however has gone from cycles of 48days to 35 days. he didnt suggest any medicine except hving me on folic acid. i hv been ttc for 9 mths but none. anyone pls share ur experience w me. cheers!


Mega - October 18

Hi! Were you irregular before you went on the pill? With some people, it does take a couple of months to be back to normal after the pill, but since it's been 9 mos. for you that could indicate a problem. Maybe thyroid issues or maybe PCOS. However, you did say your cycle this month was 35 days, so it sounds as though maybe it is regulating itself, so that could be a good sign. You might want to consider having your OB/GYN run some basic b/w, just to rule out thyroid issues or PCOS. I went off the pill in Aug. 2004 & I noticed each cycle would get progressively longer. In April I was dx. with PCOS by my OB, & my RE recently confirmed that diagnosis. The good news for me was that with Clomid I did ovulate & it did help regulate me. HTH! Good luck, SM!


Shawna - October 18

I went off the pill in April and have only had 2 periods since. At my last dr appt, he said it could take 6-12 months to regulate. Have you thought about going on clomid? My dr suggested it to me, but I haven't decided if I want to take fertility drugs. Good luck and keep us posted!


sm - October 19

thanks gals for ur replies. my gynae suggest nothing for me. i do hv thyroid problems in yr 1997 but after the ops, i hv not taken medicine or anything happens fr then till now. mayb i shd go do a blood test to determine. can thyroid affect pregnancy??? oh! i must check on tat. thanks!


Mega - October 19

Yes, SM, absolutely get your thyroid checked out, especially since you have a history of thyroid issues. Thyroid can definitely affect ovulation, keeping you from getting pregnant. Good luck!


Allie - October 28

sm, fortunately for me, I was on the pill for 6 years. I was regular (to the day) before and still am to this day. I thankfully NEVER had irregular periods or ANY problems after I came off of birth control.....except if you want to count that my hubby and I are ttc for 10mos and nothing for us either...but that isn't necessarily because of the pill! Good luck to you.


me - October 29

Don't know if it helps, but being on the pill can mask some things, like PCOS. The pill actuallyhelps regulate women and may have saved your ovaries from premature failure, if you have an ovary issue that is. It should take anywhere between 1 month to 6 to get your body back to normal. However, if you have a preexisting condition that was masked by the pill, I would suggest getting some preliminary bloodwork done to check your hormone levels. After that, you may be put on clomid to something to help. Goodluck!


Cassie - October 29

I was on the pill for 4 years and got right back into my cycles the moment I got off. If you are concerned about it though, maybe get a different doc.... since she doens't have any suggestions for you?



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