does it hurt?
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evy - July 27

does IUI hurt? would be so nice of you to give me some information.thank you


Ann1 - July 27

It doesn't hurt at all, unles your cervix isn't open. I've had that happen once, and it was crampy for a minute but that was it. I had 7 total iuis, and all the rest of them didn't hurt at all. Don't worry, and good luck!!


evy - July 27

thank you ann, i was so worried , wow 7 iui ! did it work? but ofcours every one have diffrent problem. by the way can i go work after iui ? my dr say yes but im not sure !


Lynn - July 27

evy, like Ann1 said they do not hurt unless your cervix is not completely open and ovulation is about to occur or is happening. it is all about your OB or RE timing the IUI. I had 3. 2+clomid and both failed. i had 1+injections (follistim) which worked but ended in a tubal pregnancy and needed emergency surgery and lost right tube. i am happy to report 7 months later i am 12 weeks pregnant on a natural cycle. good luck.


evy - July 27

congratulation LYNN , i hought RE would keep my cervix open with somthing ! we have sperm problem and im not on med so im hoping first IUI will work but with all this story i hear i have no hope, have happy healty 9 months.


Ann1 - July 27

Unfortunatly, I had 7 failed iuis--5 clomid and 2 injectibles (ttc over 2 years). As I was about to have surgery then do ivf, I got pg naturally and am a little over 9 weeks now! I went back to work on all my weekday iuis. Just ask your dr his/her opinion on that. Mine always just said don't exercise or take baths.


Lynn - July 27

evy, thank you but never give up hope. i always hated to hear it will happen in good time. it hurt everytime i heard that but....after over 3 years of TTC and many different things clomid, clomid+IUI, injections, injections+IUI and many did happen. i know it is hard when this is the one thing in life so many of us want. i am not sure your age...i am 38 and have wanted this for many, many years and after actively TCC and thinking i was never going to have a worked. be patient.(i know hard to do). Your RE will put the scapula (sp) in before he/she inserts the cath with dh sperm. good luck...when are you scheduled to have IUI?


dea - July 27

i have had two that were slightly uncomfortable and one that was absolutely painess. the slower they inject the sperm- the less pain- in my opinion-- good luck EVY!


Ann1 - July 27

evy, definitely don't give up hope. Since you only have male issues, iui should be exactly what you need!! Hi Lynn. I have heard a lot about you from CC and Tracy! I created a thread on the Over 35 board about being pg w/first and due around Feb 07, if you ever want to compare notes! Best of luck to you.


crystal74 - July 27

WE got pregnant on our first IUI. it didn't hurt at all and we weren't on any meds yet. we were scheduled for 3 month of IUI's naturally, then if that didn't work my dr. was going to put me on chlomid for the next 3 months. his motility was on the low side and we actually had sex 2 nights before the IUI. oops. after we did it, i went home and laid down for 2 days and found out 14 days later that it worked. GOOD LUCK.


evy - July 28

ANN ; congratulation to you .feels great doesnt it ! have great , healty 9 months. LYNN im 28 we are also trying for few years husband was on med but didnt work really ! i wanted to get pg naturally but ....! im so happy for you and ann. crystal74; thats wonderful ; fisrt IU Iand being pg ! we did have sex over 4 weeks a go ! my husband was out for his job and now is too hot and too late for sex ! hope his swimers are not TOO OLD!!!!


Lynn - July 28

evy, it is never too old. just go with it and see what happens. you just never know. Ann1, i was not sure if you were the same Ann CC and Tracy spoke about. if i recall, you got your BFP a couple of days after me so we should be comparing notes. i will go look for you. evy, don't give up will work.


slowpoke01 - July 29

i had an iui in july it didnt hurt at all just relax and remember to breathe i think i was so nervous that i thought i was going to pass out but it took like 5 minutes to do and then i had to lay on the table with my but elevated for about 30 minutes is less painful to me than a pap so dont get freaked out about it. i will be having another one this month


sasha12 - August 6

Hi, I have a 14 month old.little boy he was my first IUI on 9/20/200. Iit was medicated 50mg clomid.. We are ttc #2 on my 3rd medicated cycle. I had IUI on 6/2 , 7/1 and 7/29. I am currently in the tww wait. AF is due on 8/13-Only 8 days until testing. woohoo!! None of my IUI's hurt . They felt like a pap smear does. My doctor did not give me any restrictions she said I could excercise and encouraged me to go home and bd with dh. Just wondering why your doctor would have you lie with your bottom elevated after IUI. The sperm is already where it needs to be. Just curious what the reasoning was:)


sasha12 - August 6

Is there a way to fix your spelling after you submit? Sorry I didn't proof read before I sent it.


cspears99 - August 6

I agree if your cervix isn't open and they manually open it, its pretty painful, feels like a burning pain. But even if not open I think its a little painful, but only for a second?? nothing like the HSG test, I thought that was awful, good luck!!


slowpoke01 - August 7

sasha- i have no idea why he had me lay on my back..he even put a "pack" in it was like a sponge wrapped in plastic with a string on it like a tampon and i had to leave that in for 6 hours. he said that my cervix was open and it was not painfull at all. but i think that he did that just to reassure me that nothing was going to come i do think that most doc's have you lay with your bottom elevated for about 20 or 30 minutes after iui.



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