Does insurance pay for HSG and Laparoscopy?
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Drammy - May 26

Hi, I was wondering if you have and HSG or laparoscopy if it is considered fertility treatment? If so, I know my insurance will not pay. I hope the tests are considered a medical condition procedure. Any info.out there??


Christina - May 26

my insurance didnt cover any fertility treatments but covered the hsg and laproscophy, they considered it regular surgery not fertility since they did find a diagnosis, so hopefully yours will cover it too, they should let you know prior,thats what ours did, good luck!hope it all works out.


Pinkywantsbaby - May 26

My insurance company does pay for fertility treatments. I had a recent surgery (Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy & HSG) I did'nt pay anything. Not even deductibles. Due to my husband being military TRICARE doesnt pay for IVF but for the medications. Due to my new job I have a german health insurance that pays for IVF but thats because while being stationed in Germany they dont charge for IVF like America. They charge 1300 euros. When in my hometown charges over $10000.00. Sorry so long but look up Tricare online. I hope you find some good docs and a great insurance company. Take Care.:)


Drammy - May 26

Thanks for your responses and encouragement ladies. I go to the RE on June 20. I was curious if EVERYTHING would have to be "out of pocket" expense. I hope my insurance does cover some things!! Baby blessing to both of you :)


sree - May 28

hi i am having guardian insurance in US. when i was asked to take HSG, my insurance company told me that if the dr's office can send the documentation work that i have been trying for 2 yrs for pregnancy and it didnt work out, then insurance company will pay for it...probably it may vary based on the plans and insurance companies...hope it helps...



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