Does having two miscarriages make me infertile?
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Am I infertile? - February 5

I had two spontaneous miscarriages (5 and 6 weeks). Does this fit the definition of infertility? I'm almost 42 and worried the next pregnacy won't stick, either. Any suggestions?


tryin4baby - February 5

I could be wrong but I thought if you were infertile you can't get pregnant at all. You have twice but there is something preventing you from being able to carry the pregnancy. Unfortunately, miscarriages are very common and you could be fine. But after 2 or 3 the dr. will usually test to see if there is a problem that you can't carry out the pregnancy. I have just learned that if your prgesterone level is to low you will miscarry. I have read on here you can take it in a pill form but my dr. gives it in a suppository. Good luck.


mulgajill - February 7

i had two close together then next time had baby, i was 38, now 43 and trying for another... had recent mc last dec... this time if i am lucky to get pregnant i will be avoiding coffee to start with.. caffiene can double m/c risk and increase to 5 times normal if you have had previous m/c's.... (yes, i have been researching on the net for "reasons").... good luck next time :-)


Am I... - February 8

Thanks for your responses.'re my inspiration, although, I'm a bit older than 38. I didn't know about the coffee...w/both miscarriages I stopped as soon as I knew I was preg. This is a hard time for us...I never knew I could get pregnant because when I was younger I had all kinds of unprotected sex {and nothing}. After finally getting married (at the ripe old age of 41) BOOM, two pregnacies within 8 months. I really only started trying a few months ago (basel temps, using pre~seed, and an ovulation kit) who knows. I think I'm just so very scared that if I miscarry again, I'll (literally) loose my mind. We are thinking of seeing a specialist, but it's just so costly. In terms of my progestrone, from my charting, I have a 13 day Lu phase, so not sure it's that...maybe it's just old eggs. Anyway, I'm still waiting for my period after this recent miscarriage about 3 weeks ago. I felt like I ovulated about a week ago and we went for it, so see what happens. Thanks gals.


tryin4baby - February 8

as far as seeing a specialist, check with your insurance if you didn't already. i thought that kind of stuff wasn't covered but my insurance does. that is why i am going to one. not all insurance companies cover it but it is worth looking into


mulgajill - February 9

Am I....well you are still young chicken.... i have just done the ultra-early hpt this morning and got a faint positive... so i am going to test in a few more days to see if it sticks. the only supplements i take are folic acid and remifemin (natural oestrogen booster) from the chemist...Dont know about a specialist, a standard doctor should be able to help if it is a progesterone deficiency that you are not holding the pregnancies, i had one cycle between the last m/c and this hopeful start...


Mrs.Langford - October 24

I've had a spontanious miscarrige in March of this year (2011) after being on the depo shot for 4 years, but I haven't gotten pregnant again since. I'm wondering if the depo shot made me infertile.. But if i was infertile i wouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place.. We're tryin to concieve. Im only 20, But have been trying since April of this year and nothing... What should i do..? Any suggestions?



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