Does Getting My Period Mean I Ovulated?
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Anna - December 18

Hi, does anyone know if i get my period every month but it is off by a 1-3 days every month, does that mean i ovulated. Can I still get my period but not ovulate that month , or do you have to ovulate in order to get your period?


Melissa - December 18

I am pretty sure that just because you have a period does not mean that you ovulated. You can use an ovulation predicting kit (opk) along with charting your temps to know for sure if you are ovulating.


sue - December 18


You can have periods and not ovulate- think that is my problem. I am now using the opk kits, but they only indicate that you are likely to ovulate, not that you have. Maybe you should go to the drs


DJ - December 18

My doctor told me that you can bleed without ovulating but you can't ovulate and not bleed (unless you are pregant)


Anna - December 18

Since i started trying to concieve my periods have been getting longer and longer, It was originally 29 days and last month it was 34 days. I was in a lot of pain with my last period. Could it be that i may have gotten pregnant but the egg didnt stick and thats why i got my period like 5 days later than usual? but would my preg. test have showed up positive if that was the case, because when i checked it was still showing neg. around day 31-32.?


lisa - December 19

i always assumed that the your period was the unfertilized egg being released. Is that not the case. Its terrible being a woman and not knowing a bloody thing about how our reproductive system should work


Christina - December 19

I was going to post pretty much this exact same question this morning! AF is always (& has always been) very regular 27-28 days. DH & I have been ttc for 4 months & I have been charting for 3 months. During those three months, I have never really had any signs of Oing. I use line gets darker at certain times, but it never really gets darker than the control line. My temps are pretty much steady all month as well. I have an u/s scheduled for midway through my next cycle. If anyone has any advice, I'd love it! What do drs. do for ladies who have regular AF but don't ovulate? Thanks!


Mega - December 19

Hi Christina. Good luck on your u/s next cycle. I'd say if the dr finds out you're definitely not O-ing (which sounds like it's a possiblity) he'll probably prescribe a drug like Clomid or Femara to induce ovulation. I have PCOS & with my irreg. periods I wasn't ovulating either, I'm currently on my 5th cycle of Clomid & I am responding to the drug. Hang in there! Baby Dust! HTH.


Dee - December 19

anna- i just had the same problem this cycle. i usually have a 28 day cycle, but last month it showed up 1 day early (on the 18th) and then this month i should have started af on the 16th, but af didn't arrive until just this morning (the 19th)...i dont understand what's going on with my body this month. i dont even have any's really weird. i took a pg test yesterday and it came out negative. this is just really weird for me cause i'm usually always on time. i'm going to try and search some stuff on the web today, because i was wondering the same thing you are (if i have a period does it mean i O'd) i'll let you know what i find out and if you find anything out please let me know.


me - December 20

Unfortunately, either can happen wtihout the other. It is possible to O without having a period and vice versa. Good luck!


Dee - December 20

Definently let me know what you find out. Iam probably going to ask my OB as well. She is also and infertilty specialist so sometimes she can give some good advice. I assumed that it was probably late because I was stressing to much, because I was expecting to get pregnant on the first try( i didnt know it was going to be this stressful and hard). Now every month i do get very stressed when i dont get my period on time and my test is negative because i start to think something maybe wrong. I will also keep you updated . Wish you all luck


Anna - December 20

Sorry Dee i accidentally entered your name above


Gemma - December 20

I have been wondering the same thing and my periods have been getting longer and longer too. I used to always be 28 days then I went to 30 days, then 31 for two months and last month it was 32 days. I now feel like I can't predict when I'll ovulate or get my period! Good luck Anna and I'll share any info I find too.


kotkot - December 20

ok girls.. that was what i discovered after 12 years of having a clockwork regular cycles .. having regular cycles and AF showing every month or less is not an indication of ovulation. that was the chock of my life . i spent all my life happy and released that everything is just going fine with my babymaking machine and that regular cycles is a signal from my body telling that everything is just norma.. go and get married and u will not face any fertility problems. ha ha ha but that wasnt the case . i was diagnosed with PCOS with no single alarming signal that i was having a disorder .. i am a slim on wieght person .. no excess hair growth and with totally regular cycles and here we are facing the infertility problems since we got married .. it's weird isnt it??? wish u luck


to anna and dee - December 20

hey girls. i experienced the same thing. my af is always really regular to the hour. af before last i got af five days late (that was a FIRST) and it was the heaviest clottiest and most horrible af of my life. i suspected that i had a chemical pregnancy, whrer the egg dies shortly after the sperm has found it. i didnt go to the doctor or anything. anyhow, last month right on the day my af was due i started a brown discharge for 5 days, then i bled for 2-3 days, then i had another brown discharge for 3-4 days after that. how confusing is that ey!!??!? im just curious to c what has happened this monthl. good luck to everyone!!! baby dust!!!!*~*~*~*~


medi12 - December 20

I have talked to my OB/GYN and read a lot of information online. Appx 20% of pregnancies go undetected ( miscarriage) because they are lost about teh same time your cycle is about to start. Others have already posted that the sperm and egg met-- but never implant....or the chromosomes of the egg may be off, so it never grows. Any of these can cause your period to be late, or extremely heavy one month, etc.... .


sue - December 21


I posted a few days ago - to say that I had used a opk for the first time last month (been ttc for 3 years). I found out this morning I am pregnant so it worked first time! I am 40.



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