Does femara make you ovulate sooner?
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ZenGirl - December 16

This is my first month taking femara (2.5mg cd3-cd7) and was wondering if any of you know whether or not it makes you ovulate sooner than a cycle without it?


cynthia3 - December 16

I never had that experience. Actually ovulated later last two months on femara, but like any med, I bet it could affect each woman differently.


tynadu - December 18

I was not ovulating before I started femara so I don't know if it was late or note. I O'd on cd22 on my last cycle in May, I got my BFP in June.


schprintze - December 19

Oh YEAH! I o'd almost 5 days early. I went from ovulating on day 16 to having 21mm follicles at day 10! I've used it twice - the first time the early ovulation messed up our IUI because of business travel conflicts. The second cycle did the same thing - we did IUI then but it didn't take. The second cycle my period came 3 days early too - I don't know if that was related though.


ZenGirl - December 21

Thanks girls! SCHPRINTZE- i did ovulate earlier too! i normally O around cd 15 or cd16 and this month it looks like it was cd 13. my luteal phase is 13 days so i guess that means i will expect NO af early too!!



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