Does Clomid slow down or end your AF earlier than normal?
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Boo b do - November 9

I just want to check with those ladies out there, taking clomid. Since taking it back in July 06 on days 2-6, I find that my AF has stopped by CD3. My CD2 would normally seem to me to be a normal flow, medium to heavy, then I take the clomid and by the afternoon of CD2 it slows down to spotting. Then on the CD3 it has stopped all together. I'm only getting just under a days bleeding on clomid. I'm worried this should not be happening??? My normal flow is four to five days.I am aware that the clomid alters your cycle, I went from a 24 day cycle to a 28, now a 30/31 day cycle. So I was sort of expecting this. It would be great to get some feedback. Baby dust to all and BFP's.


linds99 - November 9

I'm gonna say yes...If you have taken Clomid the last cycle (previous) lighter bleeding this cycle could be because one of its known side effects is thinning out the uterine may have less uterine lining to shed this time. But remember, clomid actually tricks the brain to think that there is not enough estrogen in the body so it causes the estrogen to rise, which may in turn, cause changes in your period since estrogen levels are changing...sometimes you can become over estrogenized with clomid too.


Boo b do - November 9

HI Linds, thank you for replying. There is so much to learn, when trying to conceive, isn't there. I guess what I found strange is that my AF on CD1 over the last five cylces seem like a normal days flow, then as soon as I take the clomid it stops. I'm hoping as you say that it may be that there was not much to lose and that is why it stops. But on the other hand I beleive that is not good for implantation. I looked up estrogen and it says that it creates thickening of the endometrium and the endometrium thickens every month in preparation for implantation of a fertilized egg. I assume I need a balance of the two to be able to conceive. I hope I am not being over estrogenized. I have to see my doc on the 5th Dec, I will see if he can check this out. I'm not really sure I understand everything there is to know about this, it's people like you that are making a little easier for me to understand. Many thanks, have a great day


slowpoke01 - November 9

i would agree with linds on this one. although there is not a change in my cycles when i am on clomid, each woman is different and the meds react to each woman differently.


chandellina - November 10

i had my shortest cycle ever on my first round of clomid this month (50mg days 2-6). 25 days! it was really weird. could it have been because my uterine lining was already quite thick at my scan on cd12 (13mm) and i was ready to shed it early?? my af also is heavy days 1-2 and then goes very light, but it has been like that since my last miscarriage in march.


Boo b do - November 10

Thank you for your responses ladies, It looks like we all have responded to clomid a little differently....My doc put me on 100mg clomid to get my p4 up after a tr. It has worked, my p4 was 42.5 last month (uk), he wanted me to be at least 35. . I do have faith in clomid, two of my friends have fallen pregnant and given birth using clomid, so fingers crossed for all of us.



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