Does clomid side effects last the whole month?
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Kelly - June 15

I was curious if the side effects from clomid last the whole month?


Drew - June 15

Hi Kelly, I think the duration of the Clomid side effects vary from woman to woman. For me they only last about a couple of weeks. I noticed they usually subside just after I o. Hang in there!


Kelly - June 16

Thanks Drew. The clomid did not make me ovulate @ 50mg with no side effects, so I was bumped up to 100mg this month. I have been absolutely unbearable to be around and af is not due until the 23rd. I find out Fri. if I ovulated this month. Maybe this means I did. Fingers crossed!!


Drew - June 16

I started the Clomid last month at 100mg's, and another 100mg round this month. My dh jokes around and says it better be worth the crazy emotions. It kinda sucks though, you go through pms, get on the Clomid, then hopefully get pregnant and have to deal with those emotions. It's all one big emotional rollercoaster! I'll keep my fingers crossed for us though! ~~~Baby Dust~~~



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