Does Clomid Regulate Periods?
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mrose - January 26

I was just wondering if Clomid helps your periods become regular or if it just makes you ovulate. This may be a stupid question...but I'm really not sure. A friend of mine took one round of clomid and got pregnant, she has two other rounds left, and metformin. Was just wondering if it would be safe for me to use this? If it doesnt regulate periods then I don't want to b/c my cycle is normally 52 days long. It's been 56 days now, with only VERY light spotting but all I don't know. Any advice would help! Thanx!


Mega - January 26

Hi Mrose. No, that's not a stupid question. IF Clomid makes you ovulate, then it will bring on your period. Because after you ov. you either get your period approx. 12 to 17 days later or you're pg. Of course not everyone responds to Clomid in that way. I think you may be a canidate for Clomid, but please do NOT use it without a dr's supervision. You can easily overstimulate, & get a cyst. Not fun! I'd suggest though you do see a dr about your long cycles, esp. if you want to get pg. That's why I started taking Clomid myself, my cycles kept getting longer & longer. Turned out I had PCOS, which is something you might want to discuss with your dr as well. Good luck. And please don't take fertility drugs without your dr's consent. HTH!


mrose - January 26

Mega thanks for the advice. I have a doctors appointment on the 10th of Feb.(my birthday of all days) and I will discuss it with her then. It seems as though my cycles just keep getting longer and longer...and I normally have a normal period by the second day when spotting occurs. A few weeks ago I had a bit of spotting very light on a couple times in two days. Then about three days ago I had spotting start, but it's only there when I wipe, not enough to use anything other then maybe a panty liner but doesnt even show up there. I've never had it do this. My friend whom just got pregnant off her first round of Clomid was diagonosed with PCOS back in Sept. So if I do have that, she gives me hope that it can happen still.


Mega - January 26

Yeah, lots of women with PCOS end up having kids, a whole litter if they want them. So it would definitely not be the end of the world if you have PCOS. There's lots of hope. I love hearing success stories about PCOS women. An appt. on your b-day, maybe that's a good sign. I'm glad you're getting checked out. In the meantime with your spotting, it could mean a couple of things. It could be Ov spotting. It could be implantation spotting. With your long cycles you're probably don't O, but you could. I'd do a couple of HPT tests just in case. Keep us updated, I'm interested in hearing how your appt. goes on the 10th. Good luck!


mrose - January 27

Mega, thank you for all your support :-) I will defintley keep you updated. Still no AF, and the spotting has stopped. I think I'll take an HPT tommorrow morning. I can hope. If not...only two weeks before I can talk to the Dr about what's going on. My temps showed that I ovulated on the 4th. Is it possible for temp to rise but not release an egg?


Mega - January 27

You're welcome! I figure we all could use all the support we can get these days! Are your temps staying up there? Have they been staying up there since the 4th continuously? I would think if your temps stay elevated you definitely ovulated, & if you O'ed on the 4th like you suspect that's certainly enough time for a + HPT to show up. But if you're not PG, if you did Ov. AF should be here soon & I don't know why it wouldn't show up. Good, I'll be checking back for an update. I'm eager to here how the HPT goes tomorrow. Fingers' crossed!


mrose - January 27

Mega, thanks :-) I def let you know. I'm not getting my hopes up though because the temps haven't stayed up, and I thought AF would have been here already, but only spotting a few times in the past couple days. And now, that is even gone. Makes no sense....Maybe I just had a slight fever, and didnt really ovulate? I'm new at the whole charting thing, so I'm not sure. How long have you been ttc?


Mega - January 27

A fever...maybe. So you temp was at least slightly elevated for a couple days then went back down? You need to have a clear temp shift for at least 3 consecutive days then you can draw your coverline (a concept I don't know much about!). How long have you been charting? Here's a site that I found helpful when I did it several months back. http://www.fertilityplus.o
knew this TTC would be so hard, huh?! I've been TTC #1 since Aug. 2004, so I guess I'm on my 17 month now. How about you? How long have you been trying? Has your partner been tested? That's another important 1st step.


Mega - January 27

I checked the link I just posted, as usual it added an extra - in org, remove that & the link works. I don't know why the html on this website does that. :)


mrose - January 28

Mega, well I tested lastnight and again this morning just to be sure, but it was def BFN. :-( I have my doctors appointment in two weeks though, so I'll just look foward to finding out what is up. Still no AF. Spotting has completly quit as well. Maybe I should try and lose some weight...maybe that will help regulate my period. It's hard though, after getting BFN lastnight I just wanted to sulk in a pint of cookie dough ice cream lol. I actually only took a couple bites and put it back but still...anyway. Thank you for being so positive about everything. My friend went yesterday to the doc, she will have her first ultrasound on the 10th. I am really happy for her...I just wish we could go through it together. Oh anyway, what is your story? I mean, how long have you been ttc and is it for your first? Just curious :-)


bump - February 1




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