Does Clomid really help??????
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Picosa - August 17

Well I'm a "young" adult and my partner and I have been trying ttc for about 6 months but no luck. I'm really really irregular so I talked to my doctor and he told me that I don't ovulate every month so he told me that I will be starting clomid next month. I mean will clomid help?? Does it take long?


Paula - August 18

In some it does i must say. I myself did it for 2 months and decided to stop and try to concieve naturally for baby #2. I myself have irregular periods so i went on the birth control to try and regulate it and hopefully it happens. But as for clomid i can honestly say it does work i had 2 friends that got pregnant off of it on their 2nd round. Good luck to you and try not to stress to much on it.


D - August 23

It does help in most people,some it helps in the first few cycles some might not respond to smaller doses,so be patient and try it.


Kris - August 23

I got pregnant after three cycles. My little boy just turned two this month. I have PCOS and will go up to a year without a period if not on medication.



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