Does Clomid/Prometrium effect your temps ??
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Just curious.. - August 3

Just got put on these 2 meds and was wondering if they can have an effect on your temps at all?? Does anyone whos taking theses ALSO do their BBT? My dr. said he doesn't put to much stock in the temp thing....


KellyN - August 3

I'm not on Prometrium, but while I was taking clomid, my temps went up and down drastically. I was also having hot flashes as a side effect, so I'm guessing that's what caused the temp differences. Just a guess, though. This month was my first using clomid. Dr said the hot flashes would only happen the first two cycles on clomid and should be fine by the third. -kelly


Just curious... - August 3

Have you noticed any other side effects yet? Were you not ovulating at all or just not normally?



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