Does Clomid make your BBT higher?
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shellster - August 23

Mine has averaged at around 98 degrees before ovulation. This seems a bit high. Does the Clomid make it higher? Also, it has gradually climbed after ovulation, but it never "spiked". Has anyone else experienced this? Please, ANY responses would be much appreciated!!!


Kristi1 - August 23

I wonder the same too. When I was on 50 mg, it didnt seem to affect it too much, but then went I went up to 100mg, they stayed alot higher, and now I am on 150mg and they are even higher....and I didnt notice the "dip" this last month to be as prominent as was like I had to wait for the 3 day rise to really know I had O'd for sure becuase I have also have had 2-3 dips before O the last couple months as well. I said something to my OB about it, but she didnt seem to think it was any big deal. Hope this helps, at least you know your not wondering alone! Good luck!


isa - August 24

wow 98, I don't even get that after ovulation. I was on clomid 2 months, 1st month 100mg and 2nd month 50mg and both months my temps were pretty close to my normal bbt's. Sorry didnt get pg on either amount as clomid thinned my lining too much and doctor had to supplement me with estrogen. Once I had the extra estrogen my temp did go up a slightly higher amt than normal but only by about point 2 degrees (.2). A 98 post ovulation is a very good sign in my books. good luck. Mine did the spike things still but I have read that a gradual rise is normal also. Everyone varies alot.



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