Does clomid help regulate PMS
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AnnaR. ttc#2 - November 27

Hey Ladies,
For the past 3 yrs or so i always had to take provera or the bcp to start my menstrual. The doctor put me on Provera oct 25 then started 100mg of clomid nov 1st. My af arrived today Nov 27 is it from the clomid or am i just starting it on my own finally.


Sara - November 27

Hi AnnaR, clomid does hepl regulate your periods. I also have taken Clomid 50mg & 100 mg and my periods can every 28-32 days, which is normal for me since I'm not regular without the meds.


AnnaR. - November 27

Thanks for the info. Did you get lucky yet??? Baby dust to you...


Sara - November 27

No, clomid didn't work for me. We may have to try IUI next year.


AnnaR. - November 27

What is an IUI? What do they do?


Sara - November 28

IUI is intra-uterine insemination. Its wher they take the sperm and inject it directly into the uterus using a catheter. This way bypasses the cervical mucus all together. Its also very expensive where I live. I'm hoping it won't come to that but I guess it may be my only hope.


AnnaR. - November 28

Good luck Sara. I hope your baby dreams come true soon. Im mostly on "why do we do ourselves like this" forum so if you want to join us that would be good. Everyone there updates and keep posted. Baby dust...



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